Good bye 2014…

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wow, another year done.

Every year the saying becomes more true…”the days are long, but the years are short.”

I had to work this New Year’s so I’ll be ringing in the New Year at the hospital but I was VERY thankful to spend the rest of my evening with my love.

And WHAT a night it was 🙂

We decided (along with the rest of Agawam I think!) to order Chinese food.

We eagerly placed our order for a restaurant we have tried one time before but really liked.

Imagine our surprise when instead of the customary “ten minutes” for wait time we hear…45 minutes! (I mean we knew it would probably be longer than ten minutes, but 45??!!)

So we spend our time waiting by practicing French together and we got a little cuckoo (probably lack of food!)  Let me just say “Chou-chou” will always crack me up from now on 🙂

We went to go pick up our food and holy smokes, the parking lot was packed and I could see at least 15 people standing around inside.  I went in, found out that no one was in line, people were just waiting, so I went to the counter and paid.  But then…no food was brought out to me.  I could see that it was COMPLETE chaos in the kitchen.  I then hear this gentlemen next to me ask someone how much longer it will be since he ordered at 5:30 pm and he’s been waiting in the restaurant for more than 40 minutes after being told when to come to pick up his food.  WHAT!!!  We ordered at 6 pm, came to the restaurant at 6:45 pm so I KNEW we were in bad shape.

I asked for my transaction to be cancelled and we left.  We then decided to order pizza.  Of course there was a bit of a wait there too…1/2 hour.  So we came home, I showered and Kimm picked up the pizza.

By 8 pm we were comfy on our couch, munching on pizza and watching Chopped 🙂

So that was our night.  Whew…never again Chinese on New Years!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015!!!!!!


Everything can change in an instant.

Monday, December 30, 2014

It was a busy one last night at the hospital.

During it all, I helped with a patient that came in to the ED with a severe head injury.  Unsure of how it happened, but he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and ended up  going through the front of his windshield.  The doctor intubated him, stapled his head and stabilized him for transport to our area’s trauma hospital.

All I could think of was…this guy’s life changed in an instant.

He is only 24.

Just a reminder to be grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY for what you do have and for the people that you love.

You never know when things could change for the worst.

So when you think things are bad, take a step back, get some perspective and just be happy for all that you do have.

Back again tonight…two more on!

Starting Fresh

Monday, December 29, 2014

All of this Christmas candy has taken a toll on me…even though I enjoy eating it, I find I have little restraint when it comes to eating just a little, and then I feel awful after eating it.  I can tell I’ve gained weight and I’m ready to get back to normal.

I stepped on the scale today (it’s been QUITE a while!) and saw that I gained about ten pounds.  Eh.  Not too happy about that, but at least it was not more.

Today was a fresh start and it sure felt good.

Breakfast was oatmeal.  No coffee since I tend to just put all that sugared creamer into it.

Lunch was a leftover slice of pizza from last night with a salad (it tasted so good!)

Dinner was tacos with two squares of dark chocolate.

And lots of water.  I think I drank about 9 cups today and will probably drink more.  I had gotten out of the habit of the water which is no good.

The quote that I’m abiding this week is “what you can, when you can” (from Roni’s Weigh).   I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m just trying to do WHAT I can, WHEN I can.  I’m definitely going to be buying her book when it comes out because that woman knows her stuff when it comes to dieting.

I can’t even begin to explain how fast today went and when I look back in review what the heck did I spend my time doing??

I did bake some bread.  I did wrap the gifts for WI and get them mailed.  I did read and doze off a bit this afternoon.  I did make dinner and do the mountain of dishes afterwards (seriously how do I make all these dishes!!!!)

We’re going back to watching Gilmore Girls tonight.  My plan is popcorn.

Snacks for work are all set — green smoothie, carrots and hummus, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, cashews.

So far my fresh start feels pretty good.


Marathon Finance Meeting

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Thankfully I woke up today with a much better attitude.  One more reason to be glad for a fresh start every day.

I spent breakfast reading my newest book…The Prince of Tides.  I’ve seen the movie before but have never read the book.  So far I really like it…the story is very detailed and the people have real emotions…two factors I love in books.  One of the reasons I dislike simple books like Debbie MacComber and Danielle Steel — simplistic story lines and perfect or stereotyped people.

After breakfast I started working on organizing stuff for our finance meeting…I knew it was going to be a long one since we never had one thus far this month.  I went through all the expenses on my charge card before lunch.  After lunch Kimm and I went over the Christmas receipts and the stuff she charged.   We finished at about 5 pm so all in all I was working on finance stuff for about 6 hours today.  Yikes.  December is always a challenging month…more expenses with Christmas, less time to meet for finance meetings because we are busy getting ready for Christmas or spending time doing fun stuff (like watching Christmas movies).  The finance meetings always get postponed!

Anyways, I’m SO glad that is done for now.  We’ll only have to meet one more time to go over the end of the month stuff.  I’m kind of excited for that meeting because then we’ll discuss our finance goals for 2015.  I’ve got a few good ones in mind.

We decided to order out for dinner to make it easy.

And now we are about to watch a movie…our first NON-CHRISTMAS movie of the month (good and bad all at the same time…it will be nice to watch something that does not have to do solely with Christmas, but I’m sad to say good-bye to our month of Christmas…).

Our last Christmas movie was watched last night…White Christmas (definitely good to end with a classic!)

Hello New Blog.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

It’s two days after Christmas and I feel a bit of that after Christmas letdown.  There is so much build up to get everything ready, to experience that “perfect” Christmas, and then *poof* it’s over before you know it.

And even though I have three days off, I just feel like they are disappearing so fast and I won’t have a chance to truly enjoy them.

I went to go get my haircut today.  I’m not sure about everyone else but I always feel kind of nervous about going to get my hair cut.  Like the person who is cutting my hair is judging me for some odd reason…for being too fat, not “hip” enough, not getting my hair cut as often as I should.  Then I feel like such a loser trying to explain how I would like my hair to look.  I don’t know even why I try to explain…my hair never obeys.  It NEVER looks like how I wanted it to look!  And then it costs $30!!!!  To me that is so expensive.  I mean I’m sure that the person who cuts my hair does have good hair cutting skills and should be compensated for it, but jeesh!  My paycheck has not gotten any larger!

I’m feeling like I ate too much Christmas stuff…I’m tired of trying to think of how I’m going to improve my life.  I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know how to get over it.  I HATE feeling this way.

Here’s hoping time and more time will change my attitude.