Another big financial move!

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

I only had ONE day off this week in between my working days so it went by FAST.

We made plans for only two big things today…shopping at BJs (always an event…I don’t know how people go to a huge store like that once a month…or more!  Kimm’s parents go pretty much weekly and I think that would seriously drive me insane!!!)

First of all, the traffic getting there was CRAZY…does no one work during the day anymore??  Or did everyone get an extended weekend with the New Year falling so close to the weekend?  If not, boy we have a lot more people driving around and I have to say, “I don’t like it.”

Second, it was super busy at the store…like everyone and their brother was out buying stuff at BJs…really??? I mean, I know we were there…but we only go about 4 times a year…and we only went today because we were wicked close to running out of kitty litter!

And thirdly, speaking of kitty litter…it used to be that BJs had kitty litter at a really cheap price, I believe it may have even been $8.79 for 42 lbs…that is a great price.   Well, over the years, the price has slowly creeped up, and today it was $13 something for the same amount.  All I have to say is that my paycheck has not gotten larger over the past years!

All in all though, I was thankful we were able to escape paying only around $79.  The guy in front of us paid over $400!!!!!

Stuff like that just gives me a heart attack.

Okay, so on to our second goal of the day…do our end of December/beginning of January finance meeting.

What I thought might take about an hour turned out to take about 2 1/2 hours 🙂  I’m always underestimating how long these things take.  That’s mostly because we tend to talk (A LOT!) about stuff.  I guess we’re serious about money.

But one of the things we did today was discuss our finance goals for this year.  We came up with a bunch of good ones: donate $300 of tax money to charities, buy a freezer for our downstairs with money that my parents got me for Christmas, pay an extra payment to our car loan (? $1000), on months that we have an extra paycheck divide that extra money into money for Christmas, vacations, animal expenses, and medical/dental, and increase our 403b contributions from 10% to 12%.  That last item is what we did today.  By doing that we should have close to an extra $120 or so per month towards our retirement fund.  We found out today that you can contribute as much as $18,000 to a 403b per year.  We’re not near that amount, but it’s good to know.

And that was the big “to do” items that got done today.

Dinner was yummy…black bean enchiladas.  One of our favorites and I was so happy I had all the ingredients to make it considering I STILL need to go grocery shopping!

Now I’m going to read some blogs, order my ipad cover (hopefully), and maybe take a little nap before we start watching Gilmore Girls with a snack.



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