Welcome 2015.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful first day of the new year for me as I had worked the night before.

I did stop and get some bagels for us to enjoy for breakfast — onion for Kimm, Asiago cheese for me — we are SO predictable!

After breakfast I did my normal…sleep during the day and awaken at dark.  So technically I MISSED the first “day” 🙂

I haven’t had a really good grocery trip in a while and so I’m trying to “use up” some of the stuff we have here at home — dinner consisted of veggie burgers (Griller’s Original for Kimm, a vegan garlic/quinoa one for me — which I initially thought I really liked but the more I have them…umm…NO — let’s just say that once they are gone, I won’t be buying them again), corn, and tator tots.

What was really funny was that when I asked Kimm what she wanted for dinner she said, “well I have a few ideas, but what do you want?” and I replied, “well, I have a few ideas as well, but tell me yours first.”  So she proceeded to tell me veggie burgers and tator tots, or cheesy pasta with garlic bread…these were my EXACT two options as well.  I guess sometimes we really do think alike.

The rest of the night was spent in our usual fashion — separate time (doing French, on the computer, closing eyes…I guess that was just me!) and then we met up to watch a Netflix movie that we have had here for five months!  It was titled, “The Way Way Back” and we both really liked it!

Bed followed shortly after and believe me, it was nice to crawl in between those sheets again!

Like I said, a really uneventful first day of the year.  But you know what?

That was really okay for me.  Those are the kind of days I like the best.  Just truly relaxing days at home, spending time with the ones I love best 🙂



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