Another busy day…

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Somehow my days always feel busy even when I don’t really have that much to do!

Perspective maybe??

The day started by getting up and having breakfast (best part of the day!)…and reading.

Then I FINALLY got our sheets changed/washed (don’t judge…this is also a new goal of mine to be better about!)

Once the new sheets were on the bed, I swept the bedroom floor and dusted everything.

Then 25 sit-ups and a shower.

After getting dressed, I whipped up a loaf of bread to start rising.

Blog reading before lunch and a quick visit from Kimm’s parents.  Bread in the oven to bake.

Lunch was guacamole…yumm! (while watching two episodes of Family Ties).  Bread out of the oven to cool.

A finance meeting (took about an hour) and then a phone call to catch up with my parents.  Wrap up bread.

Then it was already 5:30!!??  WHERE DID THE DAY GO???

I made Cheeseburger Salads for dinner (SO good) and did up the full sink of dishes.

Attempted French but it was a measly effort as I was so darn tired.  I think I examined the inside of my eyelids for about 1/2 an hour!

I popped a caffeine pill (so I wouldn’t just sleep) before sitting down on the couch with Kimm to watch a movie…“In and Out” (I had seen this years ago but completely forgot most of it!)

I was more than ready to head up to bed by 10:30.

Somehow I have to figure out HOW to fit more in to my day.

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