What to do with Izzy?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Today was the day we took Izzy to the vet for that cyst on her side that still hasn’t healed up completely.   The cyst has been there for a few months, and although it has drained and shrunk in size considerably, it is discolored (black) and occasionally pus will still come out if squeezed (which Izzy does not like…she does a low growl…and not to mention, that pus is STINKY). It seems like the area bothers Izzy a bit since she still continues to lick at it (we often notice that her side is damp), although thank goodness she has not gone crazy and licked it raw like she did with her hot spot.

So Dr. G took another look (I wonder if he thinks we are the crazy dog ladies who keep coming in for the same stupid issue??!).  According to him, he says he’s not sure why the area has not healed up.  As far as it being discolored and firm to the touch, he states it could be from scar tissue.   He did say that if we want to remove it, we could.   We got an estimate for the price…all in all it would come to about $650.  Whoa.  Not that we won’t spend that much on our dog, but I think we are going to see what happens in the next month or two.  If it happens to go away on its own…we’ve saved some money.  If not, we can definitely get it done.

After her appointment, we had her nails cut.  And boy…she DID NOT LIKE THAT.  Since she still does not like us to touch her paws too much we cannot cut her nails at home.  Normally it’s not that big of a deal because she is out walking every day.  But with the bad weather — no walks.  So her nails got way long.  She usually has two people helping her get them cut because she dislikes it so much.  But today there was only one person available.  So while the nails were getting cut all we heard was a lot of barking and whimpering!  Oh, boy did that tug on my heartstrings!

Thankfully when she came out she was her happy self again 🙂  Wagging her tail, giving kisses!  It is so amazing to see how much she has changed over the last five years.  I remember when we first brought her to the vet and she was so shy and scared…now she just loves all the attention!  There is usually some other customer there waiting and we always get nice comments about how friendly she is and how well-behaved 🙂

After dinner we headed up to Barnes and Noble.  We were going to meet up with a friend of ours for a coffee chat night, but she canceled at the last minute.  At first we weren’t going to go, but then we thought…why not?  Before heading to B&N, we stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up two Yankee Candle Balsam and Fir candles (clearance…only $14 each…a huge savings as they are normally twice that amount!  Now we are all set for next Christmas).

We did our usual at Barnes and Noble…hunted out some books to take into the cafe to page through while enjoying a little snack.  Of course I looked through People magazine and cookbooks.   We both had our mocha coconut Frappacino and a cookie…can you believe that came to $16.05?!!!?!!!  New year and prices have increased yet again.  Seriously.  If we didn’t have a gift card I would be really mad.  I’m about ready to see if there are any other local coffee places that I can bring my own books into!  WHY do things have to be so expensive these days?

After riding home…which was super cold until the seat heaters kicked in…we snuggled on the couch with Izzy to give her some lovin’ while watching an episode of Family Ties.  At that point we were both so exhausted we were more than ready for bed (although I think Izzy could have stayed there all night…she just LOVES couch time!)




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