After 14 years…

Saturday, January 17, 2015


It was a crazy, busy first night back at work…a code in ICU that lasted over an hour and then an overdose in the ED that resulted in an intubation.

I was so glad to leave this morning 🙂

I slept well today which was nice.

Dinner was vegetable soup (from the crockpot…with onions, celery, carrots…it was a little watery…I keep forgetting that the crockpot doesn’t really reduce broth like on the stove top!)

So…our microwave died last night.  When I put the butter in to melt for the popcorn it just made this loud grinding noise and starting smelling…when I stopped it and looked inside the butter had not even melted.  So I tried one more time just to make sure…same thing — loud noise, burning smell.  DEAD.  Can you believe Kimm  has had that microwave for 14 years!

So we had to go old school and melt the butter on the stove!  Still tasted good!

While I napped last night before work Kimm did some research for a new microwave and she found a nice Kenmore one at Sears (stainless steel to match our other Kenmore appliances).  About $170.

We’ll go to pick it up on Monday, my day off.  I’m crossing my fingers that it will last as long as this last one did (pipe dreams I know…but hopefully it will last at least 5 years!)

I’m seriously hoping that tonight is a little bit less hectic than last night.  I’m so mad it was so busy last night too because my ICU peeps surprised me with a spread of food to celebrate my birthday (!!) but then no one really got a chance to enjoy it because the night was so busy.

The good thing…only one more night!



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