Late night outings aren’t so bad when…

Friday, February 6, 2015

…you finish them off with pizza out!!

Yep, Kimm and I knew that we had to get to Target ASAP and decided that going tonight when I got up would be the best time.  Then I made the suggestion of getting pizza when we were done because I KNEW I wouldn’t feel like cooking anything and we would be eating even later if we made something in.

The thought of having pizza DEFINITELY made me want to finish as quickly as we could with the shopping 🙂

We got everything we could from Target (some stuff they did not have…which is kind of disappointing, because it seems like this Target is kind of getting ghetto-like with less high-quality items and not having the shelves stocked…a BIG pet peeve!!!)

The second best part of the night….driving to the store with Kimm with the seat warmers on and listening to music…that was nice!!

Now we are about to watch a Switched at Birth.  I’m pretty tired tonight so we’ll see if we can get a second one in???


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