Monday, February 16, 2015

What a day.

Right now I feel like I wasted my day.  It was my one full day off and now it is pretty much gone.  I wanted to do so much and yet I had no energy to do anything.

I DID do stuff…I finished reading a book, I knitted, I read some blogs.  But then I feel like I wanted to do so much more…what that is, I have no idea!

I spent some time looking at keyboards for my iPad mini…maybe if I have that I won’t need to get a laptop…I will still be able to type documents and stuff??  I will have to do some research on that.

French was hard today…or at least the French I attempted was hard today.  Ugh.

We’re getting more snow tomorrow.

All I see in my future is work and more work.  It’s tiring and right now makes me feel sad.

I can’t wait for tomorrow for some new inspiration and for feeling better.



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