Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today was a better day.  I love the fact that a new day can always be better 🙂

Felt accomplished today…

–made a loaf of bread

–shoveled the driveway


–filed (only had to file about 1/2 hour to get EVERYTHING FILED!!!!!)

–made enchiladas


–dishes x 2

Okay…seeing it written out doesn’t seem like a lot, but I DID feel like I did a lot which is a good feeling!

I got a text from a co-worker…I guess work has been super busy.  I’m on with the other night supervisor tonight so we shall see if I am a nurse or a supervisor tonight.  I wouldn’t mind being a nurse tonight even though it would make me a little nervous (I haven’t done hands on nurse-work in a long time).

Now time for my shower and maybe a little nap before some Switched at Birth before work 🙂

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