Full Hospital.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It was a busy, busy night at the hospital.  Our census is close to 100 (normal for us is 75-85) — basically we have NO beds left.  But it turns out that all the surrounding hospitals are also extremely busy and full as well.  It must be the time of year when people are sick.

Then after work I stopped to get some groceries.  Let me just say, when I got home I was very happy to head to bed.

I’m guessing tonight will be just as busy.

Super exciting news….Kimm finished ALL the lessons at Duolingo for French!!!!!!  She has been doing it for just under a year.   Now she is starting on another French learning program called New French with Ease (Assimil Method books).

Hopefully she will learn a lot.  I’m SO proud of her 🙂

Now it’s off to clean the tub before showering and getting ready for work.  I’m going to appreciate that nap before work too!

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