The best thing.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The BEST thing about my days off is when I can just sit, quietly, with my eyes closed and DO NOTHING 🙂


Even though I didn’t get a ton of stuff done today, it was a good day.

First of all, we slept in…VERY nice!

I changed the bed sheets and dusted and swept the bedroom…all clean until another two weeks.

After lunch we headed over to Kimm’s parents’ house…I caulked their downstairs shower (using silicone caulk which I have never used before…good to use around bathrooms because it is 100% water proof…VERY smelly to use).  Izzy came with us and loved seeing Grandpa Phil and Grandma June 🙂  While we were there it started to snow…it was pretty coming down.  We are due to get anywhere up to 6 inches by morning.

We heated up pizza for dinner along with some curly fries and watched our last Chopped 😦   Which reminds me, we watched our last Switched at Birth last night…I’m going to miss watching that show!

Right now I’m mostly closing my eyes and relaxing which I love!  But the beeper for the dryer went off and so I’ll have to make my way down to fold the sheets soon…



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