Good and and not-so-good stuff.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good stuff that happened today–

…I made an apple crisp with my Mom’s recipe using up some older apples that Kimm’s mom gave us–the house smelled heavenly!

…I watched the first episode of Survivor Season 30!

…we headed out to Barnes and Noble for an impromptu trip

…we got pizza on the way home and watched some Last Man Standing while eating

Not-so-good stuff that happened today–

…our garage door did NOT get fixed (it was all set to get fixed somewhere between the hours of 12 noon and 3 p but then it got canceled because the guy who does it got stuck up in New Haven….so now it is rescheduled for next Wednesday at 9 am…that’s great but now we are expected to get anywhere from 2-5 inches of snow on Sunday into Monday night)

…Kimm had a somewhat negative experience at her doctor’s appointment (this was a new doctor because her insurance does not cover who she had before…she had high hopes for this doctor because she had linked an article to her description page talking about using de-stressing techniques to deal with medical issues…however, at the appointment she immediately focused in on Kimm’s slightly high blood pressure and cholesterol and asked if she could put her on meds…Kimm of course said no because she was “not interested in pumping her body full of chemicals to fix a problem that could be solved via other means” and then the doctor countered with “are you interested in having a heart attack?” — WHAT!!!????  Talk about bad bedside manner!  Even if she felt medication was the best option, there was definitely a better way to introduce it…especially at a first meeting!!!!  What is going on with healthcare these days???!!!)




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