New garage door opener!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Okay…I feel like I have so many things to talk about…but first of all…the MOST important…


Yay!!  The car can actually go INSIDE the garage again, so any icky weather will not bother me QUITE as much from here on out!   I say this specifically because yesterday was HORRIBLE scraping the car off before work.  It had snowed (maybe about an inch), but then started to sleet and so getting all that off the car before work really sucked.  I was pretty much cursing the weather gods the whole time I was out there!  I was soaking wet before even getting in the car!!

The new garage door is so quiet…it’s nice.  Now no more “Nancy” garage door opener switch for the car…it’s the end of an era.

And then to make matters worse, I got stuck behind not just one, but TWO sets of plows on the way to work.  I was appreciative that they were trying to make the roads more safe, but boy are they slow.  I was actually a few minutes late for work for the first time yet.

I worked with my co-supervisor last night which was nice because I was SO tired.  That first night on is tough.  And I got REALLY tired about 4:15 am.  Oh I just wanted bed THEN!

We had a good night on but then during our 8 am meeting somehow we got talking about the intensivist that I don’t care for that works at the hospital and how he was disrespectful and kind of lazy the last week he was on and my manager told me that he should have been confronted and then if no response to move up the chain of command to call either the department manager or him.  Well, boy did I feel bad then because I felt like I was not a good support to the nurses on that night…that I should have done more.  Honestly, it was my own fear of that doctor and how he reacts to everything that probably prevented me from even thinking anything further needed to be done.  I know all that is a bit vague, but I know if/when I re-read this post it will all come back to me.  I’m trying not to get too down on myself and treat it as a learning experience.  I have to learn not to be intimidated by people who are basically bullies and to try to focus on doing the right thing by the nurses and the patients.  I need to think — patient care first!

It was quite warm today and thus a lot of snow melted and so now we have a lake on our sidewalk and at the end of our driveway.  Kimm has been keeping up with shoveling it but boy is that a pain.

We had cheeseburger salad for dinner and it was GOOD.  Seriously that is one of the best new recipes that I ever tried…we both love it and could eat it weekly!

Now I am about to clean the tub and take a shower.  Then some House of Cards with a snack.  HOPEFULLY I won’t be as tired working tonight.


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