Inching towards spring!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another good day…would be even better if I didn’t have to go in to work tonight!!!

Oh well.

But the day was good.

Today is the first day of Daylight Savings Time 🙂  That means spring is really on its way!

The weather was a little strange today…flurries, bright sun, melting snow, bitter wind.

I spent the morning deleting a lot of books from my Kindle (many of them were free books that sounded good at the time but then I never read them and then they started to really accumulate….I read the first chapter of each one today and if I couldn’t get in to the story line…bye bye!).

Lunch was good–nothing cold today…cheesy pasta and peas.

After lunch was a finance meeting and then a quick trip to CVS to pick up a few things.

Then time to make dinner already…another new meal…Ricotta Stuffed Potatoes (another keeper)…recipe to come soon.

And now the sun is finally starting to go down but it is almost 7pm!!!!!  The curtains are still open…the sun falling beneath the trees is gorgeous.  I can’t wait until I can sit on the porch after dinner, or go for a walk on the streets.

Can you tell I have spring fever????

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