Unplanned trip to the vet

Thursday, March 19, 2015

So Izzy had an unplanned trip to the vet today while I was sleeping.

She has had a small area on her side that she has been licking for quite a while (the vet knew about this on her last visit because we were concerned that maybe it needed to be removed).  He had said at that point that it could be removed but he wasn’t too concerned.  So we decided to keep an eye on it and just see how it went.

Well, within the last few days Kimm mentioned to me that a larger lump was developing underneath the skin of that area (probably a bit larger than the size of a quarter).  This morning when I came home, Izzy was lying on the couch and I was able to see the area and I could not believe how much it had grown.  Of course we were quite concerned, especially since she didn’t seem to like me looking at it/touching it.

While I was examining her, I checked out this other lump she has on her upper shoulder that has also been growing (this looks more like a cyst??).  However, there was some crustiness around it, closer to the skin that I was attempting to feel when Izzy barked!  I mean she NEVER barks.  So I KNEW that she did not like me touching that area.

So we decided to see if Izzy could be seen to discuss whether these areas should be removed.

She was able to get an appointment this afternoon so Kimm took it.

When I got up, Kimm told me all about it.  The vet definitely was concerned about the area on her side, since it had grown so rapidly.  And he also noticed the crusty area on the lump on her shoulder.  He said he would not be opposed to removing both areas.

After discussing it, we decided to do it.  Izzy is now scheduled for blood work on Saturday morning and then her surgery will be next Thursday.  If any of the lumps look suspicious, they will be sent out for pathology.

So right now that’s the plan.  Of course we are worried, but hopefully everything is benign.  Thankfully we won’t have to wait too long for the surgery to happen.

Our poor lumpy Izzy!  We love her SO MUCH.



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