Izzy’s Surgery

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Izzy is safe at home…her surgery is done…and boy are we happy that she is home 🙂

The day started once the alarm went off at 7:45 am.  Our plan was to drop off Izzy before we ate or fed the cats because Izzy had to stay NPO (nothing to eat).  But of course our bed was SO comfortable we ended up lazing around just talking for a bit and it was after 8 am before we finally got up.  Before we knew it we were dropping her off (of course it broke my heart when I put on her collar and leash this morning and she got all excited…she thought we were going for a walk!)

After getting home it was WAY TOO QUIET!!  There was no Izzy eating her food and drinking her water, no Izzy coming over to lick our knives after spreading our English muffin and toast with peanut butter, no Izzy nails making noise as she walked on the hard wood floors.

Her surgery was going to happen sometime between 10 am and 12 noon and we could call and check up on her after 1 pm.

How we passed the time:

— we ate breakfast

— I watched Dancing with the Stars (like the new season!)

— Kimm ordered our new freezer for the basement!!!!

— we went shopping at Stop and Shop to pick up a few things

After getting back from the store it was past 1 pm so Kimm called to check on Izzy…surgery was done and she was sleeping!  We were told we could pick her up anytime between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

We decided to pick her up after we ate dinner so that we could focus on her solely when we got home.

Lunch: cheese and vegetable sandwiches on fresh Italian bread with kettle potato chips

Dinner: pizza out again!

After dinner we were able to go pick her up 🙂

First the doctor talked to us.  He explained again exactly what he did — removed the cyst-like tumor from her shoulder which he said definitely looked like cyst-like tissue; he also removed the lump from her flank and said he wasn’t really sure what that was but it didn’t look like a cyst; he also aspirated the lump under her chin which was just clear fluid (he says it will probably return) and he also aspirated from the cyst in her ear.  Both the tissue from her shoulder and her flank are being sent out to be tested by the pathologist (it will take about a week to get the results).  She has stitches on her shoulder and flank (maybe about 10 on her shoulder, maybe 20 on her flank) — she needs to return in 10-14 days to get them removed.  Post-surgery instructions: no food tonight (so she does not aspirate), no running up and down the stairs fast, no rough play, only leashed walks, keep her from licking the areas.

After talking with him we FINALLY got to see our baby!  She looked SO groggy.  Her eyes were all droopy and she was walking a bit unsteady but she walked right over to us!  What a cutie!!!

We gave her a LOT of love when she got home.  The tough part is to get through tonight without giving her anything to eat…she normally gets her treats a few times at night!   But…it is only for one night.

Tomorrow hopefully she’ll be more like her old self…

We’re just both glad to have her here home with us again 🙂

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