News from home.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last day of the month…crazy!

Work was actually not too bad last night…steady but not overwhelming.

Slept better today because it was cooler.

Gym and home for dinner (“chicken” parm…so good!)

Got a call from my mom — my grandma is in a nursing home, as a place to rehab and learn to walk with a walker.  I’m hoping she is well.  My mom also said that she got her bathroom shower fixed…and now there is great water pressure from the shower head…I CAN’T wait to take a shower next time I come home and NOT have the water just trickle out 🙂

Only one more night on!


Takes time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It takes time to build a new habit.

Time to make it feel comfortable.

Time to adjust to new routines.

Time to find the time to fit it in.

Time to save time in other areas.

That is all about what joining the gym means for me.  I always seem to feel like I don’t have enough time.  That I wish there were more hours to the day to get things done.

So how can I fit in one more activity?

Well, because it is super important to me…so I will find the time.

By doing my absolute best to try to go every day, it will start to feel comfortable.

By repeating the same thing every day, I will slowly grow to adjust to a new routine.

By getting a little less sleep and making quicker  meals on days that I work, I will fit it in.

By cutting out a little FB (which is not all that productive!) and getting to bed earlier in the morning after work I will save time in order to fit this new activity in.

30 minutes on the treadmill today…1.6 miles (3.0 miles/hr pace = 20 minutes/mile).

Dinner was quick and tasty — veggie burger with rice.

It was super nice out today…got up to 70!  Hopefully it will be like that on my days off.

Update: Kimm’s dad is home from the hospital.  He had the spinal chemo and it went well.  He will be out of the “no visit” period by Sunday so we are planning on visiting for a short while.  He seems to be in good spirits which is more than half the battle!

Can’t wait to watch a House and relax after my shower.

Two more on!

We joined a gym.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So, we joined the gym today.

We pretty much knew that we would have to do it today if we were going to because I have to work the next three days in a row and didn’t want to spend any time at the gym signing up on a day when there is already limited time.

So we are paying $30/month for the first six months, then $40/month for the next six months (a year long contract), plus a $30 fee that goes for improvements to the gym.  Thankfully my insurance will cover $300 and Kimm’s will cover $200.  That will help to make that gym membership much more manageable.

We set up an appointment for Friday night to review the weight lifting machines.

Now I’m so excited to try some of the classes (especially yoga, spinning and zumba) and also swimming and the sauna.

Little by little.

One thing I know that is going to take some getting used to is just fitting in ONE MORE THING.  This is an activity that will take up one hour of the day (with the drive time which is ten minutes, so twenty minutes round trip).  I keep wishing that there were more hours in the day!!

Back to work tonight.  At least I’m on with the other nursing supervisor so hopefully the night will fly by.

So frustrating.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Today started out great.

After waking up, eating breakfast and doing our morning stuff (reading/computer), we headed out to the gym.  This was the first time going during the week and we decided to go around 11 am since we had been told this was a quieter time.  Not too bad — we were able to get on treadmills with no problem.  Loved seeing all the older people doing the Young at Heart water class when we walked in 🙂

We had a great lunch — romaine lettuce with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes and avocado (with onion dressing for me!) –mixed all together it was so tasty.

I had mentioned going to Target after lunch to look at some workout clothes.  We actually found some stuff there to bring home and try on.  Then we headed over to Dick’s because I wanted to check out the swim suits and we both just wanted to look around.  Well, that was SO frustrating.  NO SUIT FIT AT ALL.  I WAS WAY TOO FAT.  And all of the clothes that Kimm tried on there also did not fit well.  We were both so mad and discouraged.  There’s nothing like trying on stuff and having it not fit to change your mood considerably (for the worse!).

It’s just to frustrating to see that you are much fatter than you actually think you are.

Anyways, now we are hopefully going to join a gym and will be able to lose some weight.

It took so long looking at Dick’s that I really had NO DESIRE to cook when we got home.

So we got pizza.  I’m sure that did not help in the losing weight aspect 🙂

Then to make things even better…we had ice cream for our snack!

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.


Gym Day 2.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Work was busy, but a “good” busy…enough to keep me going and be too tired, but not so busy that I felt crazy by the time the morning came.

Now I have two days off 🙂

I set my alarm for 3:30 pm and was up and ready to get to the gym.  Nice to be creating new routines.  Nothing too crazy at the gym…I did the exact same thing as yesterday except I increased the treadmill speed to 3.1 miles/hr.  There seemed to be just a few more people there today than yesterday, but still not crowded.  We both really like the feel of this gym…cozy, homey, definitely not like a big box gym.

Dinner was homemade pizza and it was good!

Kimm was busy today…she did a load of laundry and picked up three bags of yard stuff (2 hours worth!).

She also talked to her dad tonight…I guess he is feeling not so good right about now which is what we expected with the stage of the chemo cycle.  He has lost about 20 pounds.  He is due to go and get checked out tomorrow.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

I may take a short nap before we start to watch our movie tonight…Forks Over Knives.

Back to the gym!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

We went to the gym today!  It was the first day on our free week pass to the gym we checked out yesterday.  I got up at 3:30 pm (an hour early!) and we got to the gym about 4:10 pm.  We both did 20 minutes on the treadmill (with a five-minute cool down) and then 10 minutes on the recumbent bike.  It was the perfect time to go…not very busy at all (the gym closes at 5 pm on the weekends).

We’ll be going again tomorrow.  I know myself…I just need to get into a ROUTINE, just like how I do French everyday (even if I don’t really feel like it!) because I am keeping my “streak” going, I need to have that same sense of urgency to complete a day at the gym…even if it is just 20 minutes!

I’m anxious to try out the pool this week but I’ll need to get some goggles first!  And eventually a more streamlined swimsuit.  I’m kind of excited!!

Now I just have to work out how I will get some more sleep on the days I work.

Speaking of work, last night at work was so much better than it has been (mostly because the census is down to the 60s).  I’m hoping for another good night.

I also moved stuff down into the freezer tonight.  It looks SO EMPTY!  But never fear, we shall fill it up!

Time for a shower then a House and then a nap…

News…new gym, new freezer, new neighbors

Friday, April 24, 2015

What a busy day!

Grocery shopping in the morning.  First I went to Price Rite and then home where Kimm joined me.  We were going to check out a local gym (called Fitness First and located about 10 minutes from our house) before going to Stop and Shop.

The gym seemed pretty nice.  I was psyched because there is a pool, sauna and steam room.  And group classes — spinning, yoga, body pump.  As well as all the regular stuff like cardio machines and weight machines.  We had checked out this gym QUITE a while ago, but hadn’t really felt like it was a good fit for us at the time (cost mostly and seemed very busy).  But today the woman showing us around was SO nice and she told us the least busy times of the day.  And with each of our wellness reimbursements from our health insurance, the cost seems more do-able.  We each got a 1-week pass to try out the gym and we are excited to try it out.

Next, this afternoon, the freezer was delivered!!  Wow, it’s pretty big!  The guys who delivered it had to take the door off to get it into the basement and it was QUITE the tight fit, but they were slow and did a great job.  Currently it is cooling down and we’ll be putting some stuff in it tomorrow!  Can’t wait to fill it up.  Now it will be interesting to see how much it increases the electric bill.

And guess what?  Our neighbors across the street with the ANNOYING spotlight that shines on our house have put their house up for sale.  We had noticed that yesterday a man came and was taking pictures of the outside and inside of the house.  We were questioning the possibility of them moving then but weren’t sure but today the same man came and put the “for sale” sign up.  So now we will have to cross our fingers and hope we get some nice, QUIET neighbors who don’t shine a spotlight at us!

And now I’m ready to hop in the shower…these two days off FLEW by.  It’s back to work for two…I hope they go by just as fast.



Sneaker shopping…

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Thankfully, both Kimm and I had some luck today.  I picked up FOUR pairs of sneakers (whoa!) and she picked up two pairs of sneakers and a pair of flip flops.

We shall see what I actually keep.  I’m hoping they all work out well.

Other news:

— unsure if maybe our neighbors across the street are putting their house up for sale?? (we saw some guy come and take pictures of the outside of the house, and then he used a key to come in and take pictures inside the house…??)

— our freezer gets delivered TOMORROW!

— we have yet to do a finance meeting this month so I’m thinking that may be a priority tomorrow

— we are going to watch Fed Up tonight (a documentary about the food industry and how it is working to make us fat)

— Kimm’s dad is doing pretty good (she talked to him tonight and he misses us…we’ll have to plan to come over after he’s past days 8-15 when his immune system is basically wiped out…that starts tomorrow)

— watched DWTS (Disney night…Suzanne got voted out…some of the dancers are having a rough time and it’s tough to watch them emotionally struggle…)

— wishing I had more nights off!

Rained on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Work was much better last night…figures, there was two of us on!

Slept a bit fitfully…kept windows open but was still warm…plus all the extra light was playing tricks with me.

Up to take a walk and halfway through…RAINED ON…had to head back home.

Good news is that I’m off tonight!!!!  Makes me SMILE 🙂 🙂


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick post tonight since my battery is about dead and I’m on the porch typing and too lazy to get my cord to plug in!

Bullet points…

~~work was busy again

~~it’s nice when family can be with a dying family member

~~listening to a priest give last rites is very humbling

~~tacos for dinner

~~we have a bunny in our backyard (maybe it has a home here??)

~~only one more night on and it is with the other supervisor so maybe it will be an easier night (I hope!!)

~~love sitting on the porch after dinner 🙂