Spring temps

Thursday, April 2, 2015

After sleeping kind of restlessly, I was up by 4:15 pm.  Kimm suggested a walk and at first I wanted to decline because I was so tired.  But then she said the temp was 65!  I couldn’t pass that up 🙂

Izzy was SO happy walking today.  It really lifts my heart to see her with her ears back, nose sniffing the air, crunching on the grass.  !!!!

Now if only those temps would actually stay.

Tonight is my last night on…thank goodness.  I had to stay extra this morning to learn more about the new cardiac monitors in ICU.  It was a lot of information for my mind to process after working all night long.  I think I might have yawned about 50 times!

I can’t wait for this weekend to relax and catch up on my shows…I’m so anxious to find out what happened on Dancing with the Stars and Survivor!