Saturday, April 4, 2015

Today was a crazy windy day.  Gusts up to around 50 miles/hour.  Our yard is FULL of broken branches.  Boy will that be fun to pick up…#springyardwork.  And, another section of our fence fell down, post and all.  That thing really is a sorry mess…held together by zip ties…what a look.  We definitely have to try and get an estimate on a fence this year.  Of course that will be quite a bit of money I’m sure…#thereisalwayssomething, #problemsofahomeowner.

Today just flew by.

I changed the sheets on the bed (no more flannel!) and dusted/swept the bedroom (lots of dust bunnies).

I finally was able to watch last weeks episode of Dancing with the Stars (I was surprised to see Redfoo get voted off first!).

End of month (March) finance meeting in the afternoon (we were STILL able to save about $350 even with Izzy’s surgery…although that money came from the tax money…but still…I was quite happy).

We found out that Kimm’s cousin’s mom died…we headed out to get a sympathy card and while we were at it decided to get some pizza!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Easter.  Where does the time go???