Start of another busy week…

Monday, April 6, 2015

I hope everyone had a VERY nice Easter!

I know I did…the meal was excellent and we were able to watch a movie together afterwards (Changeling — SO GOOD).  I have to say though, I may have eaten a few too many pieces of chocolate!  I left with quite a stomachache…and then I had to go into work!

Work was just okay…very busy for me and frustrating at times too although I couldn’t really put a finger on exactly what was causing me to feel that way.  Maybe I was just overly tired.

Home and to bed immediately.  I was tired.

I was reminded when Madeline was scratching at my bedroom door around noon that Kimm had her dentist appointment today.  Madeline does not like not having her meals when she normally has them!

During our walk this afternoon I found out that Kimm really liked this dentist that she went to today — all the staff was really nice and most of all not pushy about what work needed to get done.  She does have a list of stuff that the dentist recommended, starting with a deep cleaning for her gums since she has the start of some gum disease.  That will be the first step.  Then all the rest.

Dinner was yummy…veggie burgers, roasted asparagus and roasted potatoes.

Some French now and then a shower and a House and then a nap.

Rest of week in a nutshell…

–work tonight and tomorrow

–Kimm’s MRI follow-up appointment on Wednesday

–Izzy’s stitches out on Thursday

–my dentist appointment on Friday

–back to work on Friday and Saturday

By the way….writing this post on my new computer!!