More news.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

…Izzy’s stitches are out!!

…the follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon went not great — according to him, there are two small disc bulges above and below the area that Kimm was operated on, but neither of those areas are severe enough to need surgery (good news) and just doing surgery means more fused areas in the neck which can result in limited mobility; the bad news is that there is nothing else that he can do…he basically made it seem like Kimm should just live with the symptoms she has and if they get any worse, then he could be consulted again, and maybe at that point surgery would be needed…I did ask him about utilizing a chiropractor and he said he would not recommend it for the upper neck…he basically only mentioned physical therapy…needless to say, this news was not well taken by Kimm…I know she was really hoping for a more definitive solution to solve her symptoms…I pretty much felt horrible for her after the appointment…no one wants to be told that there is nothing more to be done.  Kimm does have an appointment with a back specialist in a month (for the lower back) so maybe she can ask him about the neck as well.  Very frustrating.

…I called and talked to Kimm’s mom today…she said that Kimm’s dad is doing much better…less pain and nausea.  Also, they did an abdominal ultrasound yesterday (no results yet) and they are going to do a repeat CT scan today.  Her mom and brother were heading up to Boston today to visit.  I’m sure we will know more information by tomorrow.

…I have my dentist appointment tomorrow.

…I also have to fit in grocery shopping tomorrow.

…It’s also back to work tomorrow…ugh.

…something is going on with Madeline…she is not really eating.  This started towards the beginning of the week…she would pick at her food or not come down at the normal meal time (SO unlike her!!).  We are thinking it is her teeth maybe.  Kimm tried crushing up her food…she didn’t like that.  Kimm tried giving her some of Charlie’s food…she ate some, but not a lot.  Finally tonight we broke out the big guns…canned food…she was eating that, albeit slow.  If she is not improved over the weekend, we’ll be taking her to the vet next week.



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