And now…Madeline.

Friday, April 10, 2015

More stuff just keeps happening!

So Madeline is going in for a check-up tomorrow morning at 10:20 am.  Since the beginning of the week she has been having some difficulty eating.  At first she wasn’t even wanting to eat and for that cat…that is strange…she LOVES to eat.  She is rarely late, often early for her meals and snacks 🙂  So for her to not want to eat, we knew something was wrong.

We kind of think it may be her teeth because as the week has progressed, she has shown signs of wanting to eat (coming down at meal times, sitting by her dish) but then when it comes to actually eating, she doesn’t eat much.  We have busted out the canned food we had for her way back when she was on antibiotics monthly for her teeth.

Today after stopping at the grocery store we stopped in to the vet to ask whether or not we would be able to get an antibiotic for her or if she would need to be seen.  Of course they recommended that she be seen by the vet in case it is something else happening.  The first appointment was Saturday at 10:20 am.  Of course this would be the weekend I have to work!

It will be quite a procedure taking her in as we will have to “pretend” to take Charlie in as well.  Last time we took just Madeline to the vet Charlie did not like Madeline AT ALL.  He kept sniffing her and not recognizing her and it took quite a while for that to blow over.  We learned our lesson on that one!

I’m crossing my fingers that it is only her teeth and that it will be a simple antibiotic that he will prescribe.

As far as Kimm’s dad…

…he has progressed past clear liquids and has had his first real meal tonight (so far no nausea! and pain controlled only with liquid Tylenol!!)

…they are going to do a biopsy of the lung nodules on Monday (because of course nothing gets done on the weekends!!!!)

…they are possibly going to remove his gallbladder as they are thinking it is highly likely that was what caused the pancreatitis

…there is a lump in his throat that they are going to take a closer look at (? causing any of the symptoms)

…Kimm’s mom and brother went up to visit him yesterday and will go up again on Saturday

I’m back to work tonight.

It’s been a strange week.