Madeline’s vet visit.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

What a day.  I’m exhausted.  It could be that I only got a 4 and 1/2 hour nap!

Work was crazy busy last night.  Seriously, I’m not sure what happened but I was ON THE GO from the time I got there until 7:50 am.  A staff member in birthing told me that another local hospital was on lock down because of a shooting so I’m not sure if that was part of it but our ED was busy all night long.

Home by about 9:15 am — just in time for a short break before getting Madeline and Charlie ready to go to the vet.

Funny story (not really!) … so all week Madeline has been super fussy, not eating well.  Even that morning Kimm said that Madeline did not eat much of the new food we had gotten for her.  But right before we are about to leave for the vet, she is sitting by her bowl, looking like she wants to be fed.  It would take too much time to get all the wet food together for her to eat before going so Kimm puts down some dry food…and she EATS IT ALL UP.  So then we are looking at each other like…now what do we do??  Keep the appointment or cancel the appointment????

We decided to keep the appointment since this was really the only time she had eaten freely all week.

So we get both the cats into their carriages (because we need to take Charlie to the vet too so he also smells like the vet place…we had major issues in the past when Madeline only went to the vet and then came home, smelling differently and it took weeks before Charlie treated her normally again!!!)  OH BOY the things we go through with animals!

So here is the summary of her vet visit (boy can that vet talk!)…

…many of her teeth have already broken off and are covered with gum (normal with age in cats)

…some of her back teeth still have tartar and bacteria and are probably in the process of being broken off and covered with gum, but not yet, and that COULD be causing some discomfort

…antibiotics will not help with those teeth since it would not clear up any infection (the bacteria would always be there)

…cats need to eat or else their bodies start to break down fat and cat’s livers are not designed to break down fat and the cat develops liver lipidosis (with starvation, fat is broken down for energy and eventually accumulates in the liver and the liver becomes enlarged and liver function deteriorates)

…liver lipidosis will happen when a cat does not eat for three days

…cats need a high protein diet

…even if our cat eats just 1/4 cup of food/day that can prevent liver lipidosis

…our cat has maintained her weight so far (10.4 pounds)

…the vet does not feel that we need to be too aggressive about anything right now…we can basically watch her

…if anything we could do surgery to remove (break off) her back teeth and cover them with gum tissue to possibly alleviate some pain

At this time we are just going to watch her and HOPE that she starts eating more.  Eating has NEVER been a problem for Madeline so hopefully she will bounce back.  I’m not sure either of us wants to put her through an operation.

Update on Kimm’s dad:

— he has been eating meals with no issues!

— lung nodule biopsy scheduled for Monday

I only have one more night on!  Crossing my fingers it’s a little less busy than yesterday night.

Oh yeah, also forgot to mention, I’m scheduled for my cavity to be filled on Tuesday.  My portion of the bill — approximately $200 — crazy since the insurance is supposed to pay 80%.  It all comes down to what they think a cavity SHOULD cost to be filled (of course much lower than what my place estimates).  Oh well…it has to be done or else they said it could get to the point where I would need a crown.  No thank you!