76 years young.

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Happy birthday Dad!!!!!  

76 years young ūüôā

I truly hope that I am able to do as much as my dad does when I am 76 years old!

I love and miss you so much. ¬†Wishing you continued health and much happiness this next year. ¬†I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and eat a slice of your cake ūüôā

Other news:

Madeline seems to be back to her old self…pestering us to eat, misbehaving when she can’t have something to eat immediately (you can’t win huh!)

Kimm’s dad had a bone marrow biopsy today. ¬†He is supposed to move to the oncology floor tomorrow (he was supposed to move today but there wasn’t a room available). ¬†Once he moves, he should be getting his first dose of chemo. ¬†The way the chemo will work is one treatment every 21 days for a total of six treatments. ¬†Once he gets the first treatment, they will keep him in the hospital to observe and make sure his kidneys do okay. ¬†Kimm’s mom has been staying up there this whole time. ¬†Hopefully he will be discharged by next Monday (that will be almost two weeks in the hospital).

Kimm cleaned the house today and she was so happy about it (she had skipped a week or two because of all the stuff happening).  Nothing like a clean house!

We grilled out for the first time today!!!!

Took a beautiful walk.

Work was fair…very busy and a few of the managers were not happy with the way things worked out for staffing in the morning and of course I internalized it all. ¬†Sometimes I wish I didn’t take everything so personally. ¬†Hopefully tonight will be better.

I heard a rumor that we have a new supervisor (a nurse who currently works in oncology so I don’t know her). ¬†We shall see.

Now I’m up to clean the tub, take a shower and get ready for Episode One of Season Three of House!