And he’s HOME!

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Kimm’s dad came home TODAY from the hospital. Wow…that last part went fast!

Here’s some more info that we know — he received his first chemo treatment (part of which was IV and part of which was a spinal tap…I guess this particular cancer likes to “hide” in the spinal column so some chemo is injected directly into the spinal column).  The PET scan results showed that the cancer is in his thyroid, his lungs and his pancreas (but not like a true pancreatic cancer, but the lymphoma cancer cells are there??).  His form of cancer is aggressive, type IV (but I guess this is GOOD since this particular cancer has a very high survival rate…only 1-2% do not go into remission or go into remission and get the cancer back).  His last chemo treatment will be at the end of July.  At about the one point week after each chemo treatment he will have almost no immune cells and therefore must be very careful (antibiotic soap, can’t be around animals).

But for now he is home and that is making all of us quite happy!

It WAS a gorgeous day outside…we had all the windows open and it got up to about 70!!

I put fresh sheets on the bed, Kimm did a load of laundry.

We visited with Kimm’s cousin and his wife for a bit this afternoon and caught up.

Homemade pizza for dinner and now for some more relaxing 🙂