News…new gym, new freezer, new neighbors

Friday, April 24, 2015

What a busy day!

Grocery shopping in the morning.  First I went to Price Rite and then home where Kimm joined me.  We were going to check out a local gym (called Fitness First and located about 10 minutes from our house) before going to Stop and Shop.

The gym seemed pretty nice.  I was psyched because there is a pool, sauna and steam room.  And group classes — spinning, yoga, body pump.  As well as all the regular stuff like cardio machines and weight machines.  We had checked out this gym QUITE a while ago, but hadn’t really felt like it was a good fit for us at the time (cost mostly and seemed very busy).  But today the woman showing us around was SO nice and she told us the least busy times of the day.  And with each of our wellness reimbursements from our health insurance, the cost seems more do-able.  We each got a 1-week pass to try out the gym and we are excited to try it out.

Next, this afternoon, the freezer was delivered!!  Wow, it’s pretty big!  The guys who delivered it had to take the door off to get it into the basement and it was QUITE the tight fit, but they were slow and did a great job.  Currently it is cooling down and we’ll be putting some stuff in it tomorrow!  Can’t wait to fill it up.  Now it will be interesting to see how much it increases the electric bill.

And guess what?  Our neighbors across the street with the ANNOYING spotlight that shines on our house have put their house up for sale.  We had noticed that yesterday a man came and was taking pictures of the outside and inside of the house.  We were questioning the possibility of them moving then but weren’t sure but today the same man came and put the “for sale” sign up.  So now we will have to cross our fingers and hope we get some nice, QUIET neighbors who don’t shine a spotlight at us!

And now I’m ready to hop in the shower…these two days off FLEW by.  It’s back to work for two…I hope they go by just as fast.




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