So frustrating.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Today started out great.

After waking up, eating breakfast and doing our morning stuff (reading/computer), we headed out to the gym.  This was the first time going during the week and we decided to go around 11 am since we had been told this was a quieter time.  Not too bad — we were able to get on treadmills with no problem.  Loved seeing all the older people doing the Young at Heart water class when we walked in 🙂

We had a great lunch — romaine lettuce with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes and avocado (with onion dressing for me!) –mixed all together it was so tasty.

I had mentioned going to Target after lunch to look at some workout clothes.  We actually found some stuff there to bring home and try on.  Then we headed over to Dick’s because I wanted to check out the swim suits and we both just wanted to look around.  Well, that was SO frustrating.  NO SUIT FIT AT ALL.  I WAS WAY TOO FAT.  And all of the clothes that Kimm tried on there also did not fit well.  We were both so mad and discouraged.  There’s nothing like trying on stuff and having it not fit to change your mood considerably (for the worse!).

It’s just to frustrating to see that you are much fatter than you actually think you are.

Anyways, now we are hopefully going to join a gym and will be able to lose some weight.

It took so long looking at Dick’s that I really had NO DESIRE to cook when we got home.

So we got pizza.  I’m sure that did not help in the losing weight aspect 🙂

Then to make things even better…we had ice cream for our snack!

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.