Takes time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It takes time to build a new habit.

Time to make it feel comfortable.

Time to adjust to new routines.

Time to find the time to fit it in.

Time to save time in other areas.

That is all about what joining the gym means for me.  I always seem to feel like I don’t have enough time.  That I wish there were more hours to the day to get things done.

So how can I fit in one more activity?

Well, because it is super important to me…so I will find the time.

By doing my absolute best to try to go every day, it will start to feel comfortable.

By repeating the same thing every day, I will slowly grow to adjust to a new routine.

By getting a little less sleep and making quicker  meals on days that I work, I will fit it in.

By cutting out a little FB (which is not all that productive!) and getting to bed earlier in the morning after work I will save time in order to fit this new activity in.

30 minutes on the treadmill today…1.6 miles (3.0 miles/hr pace = 20 minutes/mile).

Dinner was quick and tasty — veggie burger with rice.

It was super nice out today…got up to 70!  Hopefully it will be like that on my days off.

Update: Kimm’s dad is home from the hospital.  He had the spinal chemo and it went well.  He will be out of the “no visit” period by Sunday so we are planning on visiting for a short while.  He seems to be in good spirits which is more than half the battle!

Can’t wait to watch a House and relax after my shower.

Two more on!