1st Car Ride of the Season!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wow…what a day…seems like there was so much that got done.

First of all, Kimm and I both had separate appointments this morning.

She had to go for fasting blood work so no breakfast for her when she first got up (lab opened at 8:30 am).

So I ate breakfast and got ready for my appointment which was seeing the dentist at 9:40 am to try to get my tooth that had the filling done about 3 weeks ago looked at.  I was VERY pleased with the visit.  After explaining the sensitivity and pressure issues my tooth had been experiencing, the dentist took a look and had me bite down on the paper that leaves marks on your teeth (I guess it tells them if the bite is good).  Well, the dentist said that the bite was high so she polished off some of the filling.  She checked this FOUR times, continuously polishing.  Then I told her about the rough spot on the side of my tooth on the tongue side of the mouth and she polished that all down too.  After she was all done she did say that sometimes with a high bite like that it can cause a lot of sensitivity issues and that I should take ibuprofen for 24 hours to help with the inflammation.  She thought this would take care of all the issues but if it didn’t, I may have to have a crown.  The good news is that even if that is the case, the cost of the filling will go towards the cost of the crown!  Plus no cost for today’s visit.  Turns out that is a somewhat common issue…when your mouth is numb, you can’t always bite down hard enough or the exact way you normally do.  Who knew?  Now I am crossing my fingers that I have no further issues!

After our appointments we headed out to BJ’s for a much-needed trip…$175 (gulp) later we were home…which was good since we were STARVING.

Lunch was our fave — romaine lettuce, topped with brown rice, black beans and tomatoes…while watching a riveting episode of House…first of a two part-er.

After lunch we went to the gym.


Whew…what a workout.  Seems like swimming is much more difficult when you are 42 then when you are 16 🙂

I can tell that will be quite the challenge…but one I am ready to take on.

Dinner was another fave…homemade pizza (onions and green pepper)…while watching the second part of the House two part-er (season four cliff hanger).  It was good.

And then off for a car ride.

It was great…two hours of driving around the back roads, listening to music and just feeling the wind blow through your hair…SO RELAXING.

We stopped for ice cream at Moo-licious.  I had Salted Caramel with Pretzels and Kimm had Chocolate Peanut Butter — we both felt that our flavors were just okay…but I’m sure we’ll try some different ones in the future.

Showers and another episode of House ended the night…none too early for me as I was so tired…


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