Heaven has another angel.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My mom called me last night before I went into work.

My Grandma Mabel passed away.

It seems so unreal even typing those words.

She was a fixture in my life even though I rarely saw her.

She remembered every birthday and I looked forward to getting her Christmas card every year.

When I would visit WI a trip to see her was always on the agenda and she was still sharp as a whip, though her hearing may have faded a little.  She was always so inquisitive…”tell me about YOU.”

She loved the Packers and often yelled at the TV when they didn’t perform to her expectations 🙂

Even though she was not my flesh and blood, she was the only grandma I ever really knew.

She was like a second mom to my mom and I know that she will be deeply missed.

She lived a long life and I wish I could have known more about her childhood, her hopes and dreams, her frustrations, her accomplishments, her fears, her happy moments.

All I have left are photos and memories…and we’re so grateful for that.

We’ll miss you Grandma.


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