My Trip to WI: Highs and Lows

Monday, May 11th, 2015 — Sunday, May 17th, 2015

HIGH: Getting to see my parents and my brother and his wife — one of the things I miss THE MOST about living so far away from family is just that — getting to SEE family (talking on the phone is just NOT the same!)

LOW: My flights — OMG I could go on and on and on!  I was SO FRUSTRATED, on SO MANY occasions.  First of all, my flight out to WI was delayed which resulted in me missing my connecting flight (I will NEVER have a short connection again!!!!!).  I was put on standby for a flight that left a few hours later, but my bad luck continued and there was only one seat available for two standby passengers — guess who was number two???  So more waiting in the airport in order to catch my very late flight into WI.  I arrived about 11 pm (a full 9 hours later than I should have been there!!!!!).  So instead of having a half day with my parents, we got a ride back home at 11:30 at night.  SIGH.  Truthfully, it was exhausting waiting for my flight and I was just SO GLAD to get home and climb into bed.

HIGH: Good food — I was able to cook for my parents a few times (tacos, spaghetti) and we went out to The Family Restaurant for breakfast (veggie scramble and pancakes!!!), grilled out (mmmm!!!), and had great snacks at the movies (can’t beat popcorn and Raisenettes!!)

LOW: Bad food — I’m talking about you Culver’s!!!! (you tricked me TOO MANY times with your Flavor of the Day custard (minimal amount, poorly tasting mix ins, AND for an outrageous price to boot!)

HIGH: My grandmother’s beautiful funeral service…there were SO many nice things that were said about her.  She really lived a good life and had such a positive impact on so many people.  She WILL be missed so dearly.

LOW: Knowing that I would never, ever see my grandmother again or hear her voice.

HIGH: Getting to see my best friend from high school!!!!  Even though we only got to visit for a short time, it was wonderful!

LOW: Hearing that my best friend is probably going to be moving within the next year.  She is trying to move closer to her sister which is SO good for her, but I’ll miss seeing her in her own home when I come to visit WI.

HIGH: Hearing news that my sister-in-law may be pregnant!!  I know she and my brother have been trying for a very long time and if it all works out I know that they would be so incredibly happy.  And I would get to be an aunt again!!

HIGHFun activities with my family — going to see The Sound of Music play together (LOVE that musical!!), movie night (The Age of Adeline) — a good movie and lots of laughs with my mom when we tried to get out of those comfy lounge chairs 🙂

LOW: LOUD people in the theater…seriously…are these people attracted to me???

HIGH: Playing Trivial Pursuit and Uno with my family.  Even though we didn’t know very many answers it was so much FUN!

HIGH: Getting to show my dad Planet Fitness and having him join.  He seemed so excited!!

LOW: Having to say good-bye…that part is always the worst.

HIGH: Seeing Kimm and Izzy when they came to pick me up…I missed them 🙂  And then seeing the kitties too!  I miss my little furballs a lot 🙂  And coming home…there is just no place like home…



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