Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Today was GO, GO, GO from the start.

We were up by 7:15 am.

Then breakfast and heading over to Kimm’s parent’s house so she could mow the lawn.

While she did that I watched DWTS (the finale) but didn’t get to finish it!

Home for lunch (veg burgers and a large salad and watermelon…so refreshing).

Then a short nap ūüôā

Then back out again to pick up our plants for outside, the porch and the garden.  Of course we would have to go on the hottest day.  Seriously, the heat and humidity make me not much a fan of summer.  The humidity today was close to 90% so pretty much you stand outside and you are dripping sweat.

We tried a new place for our plants that a few people had recommended. ¬†I thought it was just okay. ¬†Very busy, hilly and not well-organized in my opinion…we WON’T be going there again.

We were happy with our selections…lots of bright colors!

Home for dinner (pizza). ¬†While it cooked I watched the end of DWTS…can I just say I am SO HAPPY that Rumor and Val won!!!!!!! ¬†I truly believe she deserved to win…she was THE BEST dancer. ¬†But this season was lots of fun…can’t wait for next one!

After eating, then we were out out again…this time to Home Depot to get some pots for some of our flowers, as well as some topsoil and some rocks. ¬†We have a plan to develop the area on the side and in front of the house. ¬†I’m crossing my fingers that what we imagine in our head we can make happen in real life!

We got home about 9:45 pm.  Then it was showers for both of us (second of the day!) to wash off all the sweat of the day.

Now we are finally going to sit and have a snack before heading up to bed.

Whew…just writing all that out makes me exhausted!


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