It’s done.

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The last day of the month and my root canal is DONE!!!!

What a long journey until this moment…my mouth is just FINALLY getting un-numb 🙂

First, last night at work was crazy busy.  They say it was a full moon and I didn’t even have to look outside to know…everything was going wrong.  The ER never slowed down, ICU filled up with a CERT call for hypotension, my “favorite” intensivist didn’t make a great impression on two interpreters whom HE ASKED for (basically he was wicked rude), a patient on the psych unit hit a staff member (very hard) in the head while I was right there (I’ll NEVER forget the sound that made…oh I was SO MAD at that patient and protective too), a 40 week 6 day pregnant woman came in to the birthing center after feeling no fetal movement for 24 hours … the baby was stillborn, the hospitalist was threatening to not admit any more patients even though there was still a three-hour wait time for people to get in to the main ER.

Needless to say I was SO glad to leave this morning.

Home for a quick “nap.”  Bed by 9:15, sleeping by 9:30, up by 11:45 to take a shower and get ready for my 1:15 pm appointment.  I didn’t sleep too well…I was too worried.

Thankfully Kimm drove me in 🙂

The endodontist was SO nice.  She tested my tooth to see if I really needed a root canal.  She did the tapping test, the bite down test, and then she did a cold test (placed an extremely cold q-tip next to the tooth and WOWZA did that hurt).  She said I DEFINITELY needed a root canal…the pulp/nerve was badly damaged and needed to be scraped out.  She also did x-rays that showed a bunch of calcified areas which she said indicated that the tooth had probably not been doing well for quite some time (even though I really didn’t have any symptoms until the filling was replaced).

And then she started.  The worse part of course was getting the Novicaine.  And of course I needed a lot of it.  She kept saying that my tooth was “angry.” 🙂 When I was all numb up then the dental dam went on and she went to town filing away the calcifications and getting rid of the pulp/nerve.  It took QUITE a while (about 2 and a half hours).

When I was done I was so numb I looked like I had had a stroke!  Kimm was laughing SO HARD.

Again I was just so glad to be done with it and the endodontist was SO NICE.  She even remembered Kimm and asked how her dad was.

Our big reward for the night after all that … pizza and ice cream!!!


My after care instructions are as follows:

~~ avoid eating on that side for a while

~~continue taking ibuprofen for the inflammation

~~ I should wait to get the permanent crown on until a few weeks (I’ll have to call tomorrow to reschedule)

That’s all I got for today.  I’m SO exhausted right now.  I can’t believe I slept less than two hours.  Bed is going to feel SO GOOD tonight.  I just wish I had more than one day off.


One day closer…

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Today I am one day closer to vacation and also one day closer to getting my root canal.  In fact, in 24 hours, the root canal will be done and HOPEFULLY I will no longer have any pain with chewing and will be anxiously awaiting my permanent crown later this week.

I’m SO HAPPY because Kimm is going to drive me to my appointment tomorrow.  It eases all of my worries.

Last night was a pretty busy night at work for me but it made the time go by fast.  I hope tonight is a good night too!

17 days…

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

…until my vacation!!!!!

TWO days…until my probable root canal 😦  (although I have to say I WILL be glad to be able to chew on the left side of my mouth again!!)

A lazy day.

It rained three inches overnight.

My legs are SO sore today.  I feel like a SUPER old person who can hardly move.  I guess that’s what constant squatting pulling weeds does for a body.

Finished my Anne of Green Gables series…such a feel-good story!

We’re on to Season 8 (the final season) of House (so far a little strange but we’ll see how it goes…I DO want to find out HOW it ends).

Cheeseburger salad for dinner…SO good.

Back to work for two nights.

But only 17 days until VACATION!!!!

Side of house landscaping.

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

I’m so proud of myself today 🙂

While Kimm mowed the lawn I got my lazy self outside to pull ALL the weeds from the side of the house where our new planters are located, as well as by the hostas.




I got right to work and WHAT A JOB!

Seriously, that is harder than any gym workout.  And such a small area…takes SUCH a long time.

Then my creative side came out…I decided to put some large rocks outlining the area (on the side and back) and then fill in the rest of the area with the small river pebbles we bought.  It turned out to be a good look!  And then in the center of the two buckets of flowers I arranged five stones (representing Kimm, me, Izzy, Charlie and Madeline) with out flower welcome sign.  And I couldn’t forget Kimm’s frog that measures rainfall 🙂




Also the hostas…



From the side…



And the other side…


We are both so happy with how it turned out.  I think we may buy some more of the pebbles to make it a little deeper so that the weeds don’t come up through the rocks.

Now all we have to do is tackle the front of the house.  You can’t even begin to imagine how that looks (worse).  And much larger of a space…so it’s going to be quite the task to get that done.  But my goal is to get it done by the end of summer.

Oh and I also have to tackle the other side of the door where there are more weeds…but that is also for another day.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing…well-earned I would say 🙂

Now that was SOME arm workout!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I can HARDLY believe that this month is almost over!!!

No gym today…my arms are SO sore from my workout yesterday.  Plus I’m a little extra tired today…helped Kimm get the mower in and out of the car when she went to mow her parent’s lawn and so I got a nap at her parent’s house and then a longer one when I got home.  But I’m still a little tired.  Thank goodness only one more night on.

But I’m grateful…the census is still low so my nights have been not too bad at all.

A few things I did today —

— weeded the garden

— watered my salvia by the mailbox (they are not dead yet!)

— read (what would my life be like without books???)

— French

— watched House

— dinner (“chicken” parm with corn, banana muffin for dessert…SO GOOD)

Okay, until tomorrow!

A gorgeous summer day!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

What a GORGEOUS day!!

Sunny, breezy, birds chirping…love it 🙂

My first night of work was pretty good — the census is WAY down (only 50 patients in the entire hospital!) and I was on with the other supervisor, so all in all, a pretty easy night.  I was able to go to ACE day this morning since another nurse manager took the beeper.  So thankfully that is all done for the year.

The schedule coming up is not going to be too much fun what with two supervisors going on vacation within the next three weeks.  I just have to keep telling myself…MY vacation is coming soon too!

Slept good with the AC on.  Up and to the gym — by myself.  Poor Kimm had the rest of her deep cleaning on her gums and they were still a bit sore and she was a bit light-headed from not being able to eat or drink much during the day.  It was STRANGE going by myself but I’m so glad I made the effort and went as I felt so much better once I was done!  That arm workout was a beast today.

Dinner was excellent — homemade pizza!

A shower, some French, some reading and now a House before work.

A pretty good day in my opinion.

A lazy day (much needed)…

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Don’t you just LOVE lazy days?

I do.

~~sleeping in (sorry yoga, not today)

~~coffee and breakfast while reading

~~baking some muffins

~~lunch in front of the TV

~~a nap after eating (THE BEST)


~~more reading

~~a finance meeting (NOT in line with the laziness of the day, but it had to be done…gave us both a chance to continue to process our incredibly expensive month due in large part to dental stuff…SIGH)

~~pj’s all day!

It’s back to work tonight but after today, I don’t mind.

Happy birthday Mom!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

71 years old today!!!  And you are looking great 🙂

Wish I could have been there for a piece of cake to celebrate!

My day was nice…

…a chat with my parents


…grill out

…a ride around town looking at all the local neighborhoods

…ICE CREAM 🙂 (I tried a new flavor and it was good — raspberry ice cream with a raspberry swirl and a marshmallow swirl and little ice cream cones made of dark chocolate and white chocolate!)

…House before bed

…my comfy bed!!!

Father’s Day…

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day to the great fathers in my life…Dad, Kurt, and Phil.  You are all loved tremendously.

I Skype’d with my family tonight — it is so NICE being able to see everyone while we talk 🙂

And…happy first day of summer! (although with all the heat we’ve had it seems like summer has been here for a while)

We had homemade pizza for dinner which was super good.

And after dinner we headed up to Kohl’s to take advantage of our 30% off coupon (Kimm wanted to get some t-shirts like the ones I had gotten).  Plus I was able to return shorts from LAST SUMMER!  (Kohl’s has an unlimited return policy and they really do deliver!)

Of course we ended the night with some House before bed 🙂