Garden planted!!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

That garden is finally planted 🙂

What a busy day.

Morning — I made up some sugar cookies and then we went over to Kimm’s parents where she mowed the lawn and I read blogs (I’m SO far behind!) — we left them 18 cookies!

Lunch — grilled cheese and tomato soup (SO GOOD, especially because I was so cold)

Afternoon — after a brief nap we headed outside and weeded the areas for the garden (the raised bed, the fire pit, and back against the fence) — then I tilled all the areas — then we planted (6 green pepper plants in with 2 long rows of beans in the raised bed, 3 tomato plants (2 regular and one grape) as well as two pickling cucumbers in the fire pit, 4 tomatoes (regular size against the fence) — we also planted our two purple “cat urine” plants and a pink begonia next to those tomatoes

Dinner — CHINESE!! (vegetable spring rolls, vegetable fried rice, and vegetable lo mein)  SO GOOD

Our plans for the rest of the evening include a few episodes of House and of course a snack!

Yoga tomorrow morning!! (can  you tell I’m excited?? — we’ll be able to take our new yoga bags and I’ll get to try out my sticky yoga gloves!)

On a side note, I love hearing all the birds making noises around here at night…it’s so comforting somehow!


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