Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last night at work was pretty good!  Not too busy, not any crazy sick patients.  Time to chat with all the floors I visit…it was nice!

Then when I got home from work I still felt like I had some energy so I took Izzy for a walk around the block!  It wasn’t as long as her normal walk, but it was something…she was happy, and I was happy too because I got some extra movement in.

And then I was ready for bed.

Up at 3:30 and then we headed to the gym.  I actually ran on the treadmill again today!!!!  Not too fast and not too long, but none of that matters…I felt like I had the energy in me to run and that’s a good thing.  Not to mention, I was LESS sore from yoga today than I have been in the past so I think my body is learning the moves better.

Home for a quick shower and then it was off to get my hair cut.  It had been THREE months.  That was probably the longest I’ve gone in between hair cuts for quite a while.  She cut it up tight in the back and texturized the heck out of the rest.  My head feels five pounds lighter!!

Back home for a second shower to get all that extra hair out and then finally dinner — leftover enchiladas while watching Family Ties.  SO GOOD.  Finished with a small coconut cone (a new-to-me flavor from Friendly’s that was awesome!)

Now just enough time to blog and do French before watching an episode of House and my nap.

On tonight with a second supervisor so it shouldn’t be too bad…

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