Monday, June 15th, 2015

Kimm’s mom emailed us with Phil’s PET scan results from last week and…drumroll!!!!!!….HE IS IN REMISSION!!!!  No cancer found 🙂

I can’t even tell you how happy that made me and Kimm.  Of course he’ll still have to finish up his chemo but he’s OVER half way done!  I know it probably hasn’t felt this way to him, but for us, this has literally flown by!

The best news…he’s still feeling well.  During our visit with them yesterday he was saying how he never has nausea and his appetite is good!

Today has been rainy all day….gray and gloomy.  A perfect day to stay in and just veg.  But of course we couldn’t do that!  It was off to the gym and we both got a super work out in…lots of sweating.  Home for lunch and then I was off to my dentist appointment for the placement of my temporary crown.  Let me just say…I’m SO GLAD that part is over.  I’m finding that I don’t really care for these dental procedures the older I get 🙂  The first time she numbed me with the Novocaine, I could still feel the drill, or at least I thought I could, gauging from my flinching.  So then she moved on to the big stuff — Articaine (a stronger anesthetic).  Boy that stuff REALLY works. I was numb from my eyelid to my neck on that side!!  And I’m just now (almost four hours later getting fully un-numb!)

I haven’t eaten on that side yet because for dinner I was still numb.  Rules: nothing sticky, nothing too hard (ice/nuts), no gum.  My appointment for getting the permanent crown is in two weeks.

I’m back to work tonight and I have to say, I’m really not looking forward to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed my three days off…they went WAY TOO FAST.  I guess I’m really in need of a vacation.



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