Tooth update.

Friday, June 19th, 2015

So my tooth continued to be too sore to eat on over night so when I came home from work I decided to call and make an appointment with an endodontist since it was Friday.  My HOPE was to get in by the next week.

Well, no such luck.  First opening for the place I want to go (where Kimm had three root canals done with excellent reports of the endodontist) gave me June 30th at 1:15 pm.  And of course I have to work the night before so I’m going to be one tired girl that night as they are going to evaluate the tooth and if a root canal is indicated, will do it that same day.  They schedule 2 hour appointments.

So now I’m just a tad bit anxious.  I REALLY hope it goes well.

I got an email from the place tonight with an estimated fee — $1810.  GULP.   And that is only if no other complications arise!

Talk about an expensive month.

Oh well, the tooth has been throbbing much more now so I’m pretty sure I WILL need the root canal so I’m glad the appointment is all set up.

Other than that…not much else is new.  Work was good…slow enough and yet busy enough.  Now I have only two more on.  Of course my co-worker who is relieving me tomorrow morning has already texted me that she would like to know if I can stay an extra hour to hour and a half.  GRRRRRR!  I mean I did say yes because I don’t want to be that person that never helps out but I wonder WHAT is so important that she will be late.  I’m going to just focus on the overtime!!!


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