Last work day…

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Well, tonight when I go in to work will be the last work day before vacation!!!

It’s been a full day before going in…

…finally caught up with my parents on the phone (it had been a while)

…grocery shopping

…changed the sheets on the bed (and washed the ones that were on the bed before, dusted and swept the bedroom)

…washed the curtains in the kitchen (not sure if I’ll keep them…they came out REALLY wrinkled — they are that heavy material that is difficult to iron…however, I will try to iron them and see how it goes)

…took Izzy for a walk

…made lunch and dinner and did the dishes


Now I’m all showered and sitting on the porch with the fan going and listening to the evening sounds — LOVE that it is a more cool day and we are actually able to sit on the porch!

I’m seriously crossing my fingers and hoping that tonight is a good night at work!!!!



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today was just SUCH a nice LAZY day.  I’ve really needed that lately.

We were up early (after a not so great night of sleeping…darn air conditioner making noises!!!!).  Breakfast and reading before heading out to yoga.

It was a GREAT class.  I felt so good during it this week.  I actually didn’t hate downward dog as much as I normally do 🙂

Seriously though, I can TELL that I’m getting a little better…always a nice feeling.

Home for a walk with Izzy, hot showers, and a delicious lunch — big salads followed by ice cream, all while watching our new show, Dexter.

Cross stitch after lunch.  Maybe a closed eye for a second 🙂

Then off to Stop and Shop for groceries.

Home and outside to grill for dinner — veg burgers topped with grilled onions, baked potatoes on the side, and MORE ice cream for dessert…what can I say, it was a warm day!

Now I’ve done the dishes, did my French, read some blogs.

All that’s left is watching another episode of Dexter and sweet bed.

Off tonight…then only ONE more work night until the real vacation begins!!

A little break!

Monday, July 20, 2015

I made it through the weekend!!!!!

Now a little break before my final day of working before vacation 🙂

Currently sitting in front of the AC under my comfy blanket and feeling GOOD!

Got up and went to the gym…a TOUGH but satisfying leg workout.  Dropped off some stuff at Kimm’s parent’s house and then home to take out the yard waste and trash before showering.

FINALLY some pizza and fries for dinner.  It was so delicious and just felt so good to eat.  We watched Chopped while eating and I’m just so happy they put out more episodes!  I’ve missed it.

We’re going to have some ice cream tonight while starting a new show…Dexter.  Fingers crossed that it is good!

Countdown continues…

Sunday, July 19, 2015

It was a not-so-great night at work yesterday (just being really tired and having some staffing issues that caused me to stress a little).

BUT…it’s over now.

Only TWO more working days until vacation.  Tonight will be the rough one…another 12 hours.

Side note: I did hear from my co-night-supervisor that we MAY NOT be doing the 8 o’clock meeting anymore because of the overtime it is accruing.  Ha!  I predicted that happening right when the time clock started.  Hey, I’m okay with it.  I’ll get an extra half hour of sleep and won’t be giving away my time for free anymore!

Countdown begins!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I made it through my first night on.  It actually wasn’t bad at all.  The hospital census is way down.  Lots of down time.  My only issue was hitting that 4 am exhaustion.  But I pushed through and even took Izzy for a short walk when I got home (it looked like it was going to rain and I wanted to make sure to get it in!)

Slept good.  Crazy thunderstorm around noon…woke me up!

Busy night tonight before work…hit the gym for a good (but tough!) workout.  My ENTIRE body is sore from yoga and pulling those damn weeds 🙂

Now we’re going to eat dinner and then I’m off to work.

Countdown…only THREE more working days until VACATION 🙂

Permanent Crown In.

Friday, July 17, 2015

We finally made it to yoga again.  It had been a while!

Personally I found it very challenging today.  I felt like I couldn’t do all the moves and it made me frustrated.  I kept thinking, “do what you can,” and “progress, not perfection” but I don’t think it helped very much 🙂

But I will keep trying.  I want to see what my body WILL be able to do in a year.

This afternoon I got my  permanent crown put on.

It didn’t hurt taking the temporary crown off (thank goodness as I was a little nervous about that).  However, it did hurt just a tad when she scraped off the temporary cement.  But that only lasted a minute.  Then she had to remove the temporary filling placed by the root canal doctor (I never even knew she did that!) and put on a permanent filling (this was called building up the core — she didn’t charge me for it since she said I have spent so much money on this tooth…thank you!).  Then the permanent crown was placed.  I have to say I didn’t really like how it felt when she put the crown in with the permanent cement.  It seemed TIGHT, just not quite right.  I tried to explain it to the dentist and from how I was describing it she said it sounded like I was talking about the tightness between the contacts of the teeth surrounding the crown.  According to her they like to make it tight so that there is no gap between the crown tooth and the natural teeth.  I am just CROSSING MY FINGERS that this feeling will go away.  I’m definitely going to give it a week since I remember how my root canal was weird feeling for a while too.  However, that didn’t mean that I didn’t get a little teary when this tooth was not right immediately.  I feel like this tooth has been such a NIGHTMARE.  I keep thinking that in a year I won’t even remember this stuff!

Back to work tonight for the start of my three days on.  I will be very happy when it is done.

We are eating early tonight (homemade mac and cheese) because Kimm is going to mow the lawn and I’m going to weed.

Fun, fun.

Vacation I can hear you whispering my name…


Mosquito magnet.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Today I actually was not just a lump on a log when Kimm went over to her parents house to mow the lawn.

I weeded the entire time she mowed.

And BOY did my LEGS feel it at the end.  They were literally JELLO 🙂

I was able to get part of the front weeded but there is still SO much to do.  Weeding just takes so much longer than you think it will take!

I had brought the bug spray to use if needed, but when I was weeding I didn’t feel any bugs flying around me at all.  Score!  I had thought that I might be okay since it was super sunny and windy.

HOWEVER…when I got home I realized that I had a TON of mosquito bites.  HUGE ones…at least four on my left leg, four on my right arm, a few on my shoulders and back.  AND THEY ALL ITCHED LIKE CRAZY!!!!!

Seriously, I am like a mosquito magnet!!

Needless to say, that was my workout for the day…no gym!

The afternoon was nice and relaxing — I did some cross-stitch, some reading and of course some napping.

Our big plan for the night — Barnes and Noble!

Of course there HAD to be an issue there as well.  We were enjoying ourselves, looking at books we had picked out (Kimm was reading up on gardening and I was reading up on the dangers of sugar in our diet), sipping on our Coconut Mocha Frappacinnos and munching on our cookies (peanut butter for Kimm, smore’s for me), when three old men chose to sit down in the chairs behind us and start talking, LOUDLY, about every little thing they could think of.  I mean…there were seats in the entire cafe open and they HAD to sit right behind us.  Seriously, we ATTRACT this kind of stuff!  If it wasn’t so annoying, it would actually be kind of funny.

Thankfully we had a car ride with great music to help calm us down before getting home.

No one wants to go to bed that annoyed 🙂


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I made it through my rough six out of seven days on stretch!!!!

Whew…that many days closer to vacation 🙂

Of course my schedule is going to be changing a bit over the next few days…but I think for the BETTER.  My co-night-time supervisor asked me if I could work Sunday into Monday because her husband is having some type of procedure done on Monday and she wants to go with him.  So because I agreed, she is now going to work Thursday into Friday, making my vacation ONE DAY LONGER!!!

So now I’ll be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday (both Saturday and Sunday will be 8p-8a…ugh), but then two days off, one day on and then VACATION!!!

So now I just need to get through the long weekend.  Thank goodness I have a few days off to get ready for it.

So our big plans for tonight — get to BJs (as we were getting really short on cat litter).

It was a great ride out there…sun setting, music playing.  Even the trip through the store was fine…we made great timing.  All of our BAD LUCK came upon us when we hit the checkout lane.  Somehow even though there were only three people in front of us it took us TWENTY minutes to get through.  It was SUPER annoying.  First of all, it was right when the store was closing up and all the lines were long…they should have had more registers open!  Second, WE totally CHOOSE the WRONG line.  Ours literally was moving as slow as a snail.  THANKFULLY we had a nice car ride and more music on the ride home to calm us down a bit 🙂

All I have to say is thank goodness we only go there once every few months.  We’ve learned a new lesson…DON’T go right before the store closes!


More time today!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What a nice day today is so far!

I woke up ready to head to the gym but then Kimm wasn’t really feeling it and so I decided, ME NEITHER.

And I’m so glad I made that decision.

My left foot has been bothering me more and more and last night at work I tried to take it easy (no stairs, sitting when able) and it actually felt better today.  I’m sure at some point I’m going to have to get some more custom orthotics for the flat foot.  But resting from the gym today will be helpful as well — less hard foot/treadmill contact.


We ate early (tacos!)

Dinner was done by 5:15 pm 🙂

So I was able to do the dishes, work on some cross-stitch, take Izzy for a walk, read some blogs.

SO NICE not to feel rushed before work.

Last night on before two off which is making me very happy!!

Another day just disappears…

Monday, July 13, 2015

I hate feeling like all my days (when I have off!) just go by SO FAST.

However, I was very grateful to get this day since technically I did just work yesterday, but yet it felt like a day off.

Favorite parts of the day:

…breakfast while reading

…sipping my coffee

…doing a little cross-stitch

…shopping at Target with Kimm

…visiting with Kimm’s parents

…good meals (Spinach Tortellini Salad for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner!)

Least favorite parts of the day:

…feeling rushed before work

…having to go in to work for 8p and missing out on just relaxing with the rest of the fam

Oh well, vacation is VERY SOON.