Crazy Kimm!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Made it through my night at work.

Then I rushed to the grocery store because I wanted to see if I could find a birthday present for my co-supervisor since her birthday was the 1st and I was going to be working with her tonight.  I was able to find something nice…a cute tea light holder set in the Hallmark section at Stop and Shop (and only $12.95!).  I also picked up a few groceries — hamburg and hot dog rolls, and some ravioli.  Our rations at home are getting a little slim but I didn’t have time for a full grocery load.

When I got home I helped Kimm get the lawn mower into the car and we headed over to her parent’s house so she could mow the lawn.  I of course parked myself on their couch and passed out!  When I heard the door open, knowing Kimm was done, I looked at the clock and it said 12:30 — we had gotten there at 10 am so I knew that this was a LONG mowing session.  Well, I looked at Kimm and she was red as a beet…turns out that she had been WEEDING for an HOUR in the HOT sun!!!!  CRAZY GIRL.  She was spent.

We drove home, she took a shower while I got her lunch meal heated up (leftover pizza from last night) and then when she sat down to eat I went back up to bed for another little “nap” 🙂

I slept a bit later — got up around 5 pm and then fixed dinner.  No gym for either of us today.  I took Izzy on a walk after dinner and then showered for work.

Thankfully it was only relaxing time before heading back to work!  And I’ll be working with my co-supervisor so HOPEFULLY the night will go by fast!


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