Baking Blunders

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SO nice to be able to wake up in my bed after sleeping during the night 🙂

We had planned to possibly go to yoga, but Kimm wasn’t feeling so hot again this morning.  So we skipped it which was okay with me since I had to do some grocery shopping.  I headed out to Price Rite and spent a butt load on produce 🙂 It was nice to be fully stocked again.

Lunch was good — a veggie dog with cut up veggies and dip and some potato chips.  With a small chocolate ice cream cone for dessert!  (Kimm had been craving some chocolate ice cream so I delivered!)

A nice nap followed….

Then it was organizing the fridge and while I did that I baked up some biscuits for strawberry shortcake.  It was a recipe I found online….just something really simple with very few ingredients but when I took them out from the oven, they had barely browned, but I just crossed my fingers they would be okay.  Well let me tell you…we had them for dinner and they were tough and chewy and flavorless…MAJOR FAIL.

Then I baked up some coconut oil banana muffins except that I COMPLETELY forgot to put in the baking powder…FLAT, HOCKEY-PUCK muffins were the result.  I’m going to try one tonight with my snack to see if they are edible…another MAJOR FAIL.

What a disappointing day in the kitchen 🙂

We’ve had some sudden down pours today.  The garden is getting watered for free 🙂


Now I’m up to take a shower and then we are going to watch the FINAL TWO episodes of HOUSE.  I can’t wait to find out how it ends.


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