An expensive oversight.

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

After Kimm and I got back from our walk with Izzy after I got up from sleeping today, we checked the mail, as usual.  I saw that I had something from United Bank which I thought was a little strange considering it is so early in the month and the only thing I ever get from them is the mortgage payment.

Well, once we got inside, Kimm opened it for me and it turned out to be an overdraft notice saying that a payment for 215.15 was paid for on July 3rd and now I had a 32.00 overdraft fee.  WHAT??!!

I haven’t used that account since I switched over to ALLY.  I had only kept it open with 5.00 in checking and savings each to have a local bank in case I ever needed it, even though I was planning to close it out eventually.

I tried to look up what the charge was for online since I couldn’t fathom what it could be.  But of course since they changed over the bank I couldn’t log in no matter what.

So I called the 866 number and got a very nice representative who told me that the amount was for Kohl’s.  Then I remembered that I had paid our Kohl’s charge in the beginning of the month but I thought that it was set up with the ALLY account.  Kimm looked online and NOPE…it was still set up with United.  It had been SO LONG since we had paid a bill to Kohl’s that I guess I never switched it over online.


So that was a VERY EXPENSIVE mistake on my end.

And now the only solution is to go to the bank tomorrow and pay the fee.  Oh yeah, and in addition to the 32.00 overdraft fee, they have been charging me 3.00 every five days that I didn’t pay.

Double UGH.

So not only am I going to go and pay off that to United tomorrow, but I’m also going to close out my account so this does not happen again.

That money could have paid for several pizzas out!!!!!


Okay, enough venting.

I made it through my first night on.  The hospital census is high.  Everyone is busy and sometimes cranky…I try to infuse a little fun and humor in all my rounds.

Only two more on until one night off!


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