Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today was just SUCH a nice LAZY day.  I’ve really needed that lately.

We were up early (after a not so great night of sleeping…darn air conditioner making noises!!!!).  Breakfast and reading before heading out to yoga.

It was a GREAT class.  I felt so good during it this week.  I actually didn’t hate downward dog as much as I normally do 🙂

Seriously though, I can TELL that I’m getting a little better…always a nice feeling.

Home for a walk with Izzy, hot showers, and a delicious lunch — big salads followed by ice cream, all while watching our new show, Dexter.

Cross stitch after lunch.  Maybe a closed eye for a second 🙂

Then off to Stop and Shop for groceries.

Home and outside to grill for dinner — veg burgers topped with grilled onions, baked potatoes on the side, and MORE ice cream for dessert…what can I say, it was a warm day!

Now I’ve done the dishes, did my French, read some blogs.

All that’s left is watching another episode of Dexter and sweet bed.

Off tonight…then only ONE more work night until the real vacation begins!!


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