Last work day…

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Well, tonight when I go in to work will be the last work day before vacation!!!

It’s been a full day before going in…

…finally caught up with my parents on the phone (it had been a while)

…grocery shopping

…changed the sheets on the bed (and washed the ones that were on the bed before, dusted and swept the bedroom)

…washed the curtains in the kitchen (not sure if I’ll keep them…they came out REALLY wrinkled — they are that heavy material that is difficult to iron…however, I will try to iron them and see how it goes)

…took Izzy for a walk

…made lunch and dinner and did the dishes


Now I’m all showered and sitting on the porch with the fan going and listening to the evening sounds — LOVE that it is a more cool day and we are actually able to sit on the porch!

I’m seriously crossing my fingers and hoping that tonight is a good night at work!!!!


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