Good-bye August

Monday, August 31, 2015

This month just FLEW by!!

My only day off was today.  It wasn’t TOO terribly exciting.

We did go and visit Kimm’s parents since we haven’t really seen them since her father’s last chemo visit.

They are getting ready for the appraiser’s visit this Thursday so her mom is busy getting everything up to snuff.  Her dad is suffering some bad knee aches (I guess they are telling him now that this can be a side effect of the chemo).

We decided to order out pizza for dinner…a nice, easy meal option 🙂

I’m on for three nights now.  I’m hoping it will go by fast!


A VERY warm Drag Brunch

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another drag brunch under our belts.

It was a good one, but MAN was it warm.  First of all, it was a warm and humid day.  Second of all, no AC on that second level.  Third, we were sitting in an area that was not really under any of the fans.

Thankfully I felt okay during most of the show since I tend to be colder than most people, but almost everyone else was sweating bullets!!

It was a good show!

The food was pretty good too (mac and cheese, blueberry muffin, brown sugar pastry, chocolate chip cookie…ALL THOSE CARBS!)

After it was over I was SO tired (of course I had worked 11 hours the night before) so I took a nap immediately.

I woke up for dinner (pizza out because I was so lazy!) and then proceeded to take another nap after we ate.

I was SO TIRED I couldn’t even make it through a Dexter…we headed up to bed early!  Now that is saying something…I love watching Dexter and usually wake right up for that!

The dwindling days of summer…

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I always feel a little sentimental towards the end of August.  The days are getting shorter as we near the end of the summer season and even though I LOVE fall, it saddens me in a way.  I love hearing the night sounds, twilight time, sitting on the porch, the scorching summer sun, relieved by a scoop of ice cold ice cream…

We are heading into the colder, hibernating months.

Time is a very interesting thing I must say.

I’m about to shower as I’m in for 9pm tonight.  The supervisor I’m relieving said I could come in at my normal time of 11p but I just can’t do it…I would feel too guilty…she’s been on since 8 am this morning.  15 hours is a little much — better to split it up.

Tomorrow is drag brunch!  I’ll be tired for it (as usual!) but I can’t wait.

Kimm mowed the lawn!

Friday, August 28, 2015

I just had to title this post like that because Kimm has been wanting to get that lawn mowed for quite a few days now and she finally was able to do it.

Of course she wasn’t able to do it WHEN she wanted (early in the morning…when it is less hot…because the lawn was too wet with dew) but she did get it done.  And unfortunately she had to bag QUITE a bit of the lawn because it was so long.  But it looks SO nice!!

I’m so happy that she can finally cross that off her list!

As for me, I’m feeling slightly better today.  My throat is not as sore, and I’m feeling a bit more rested with being able to sleep in again today.

I’m telling you, sleeping in is great.  The only bad thing is that I feel like I’m wasting the day.  But I tried very hard to push that feeling to the side today and yesterday because I knew that I needed some rest.

Now I’m going to be on for the next two days….then one day off…then three more on.  So I have to push through it all and hopefully still stay well.

We’re in for another heat wave again this week.  Maybe this will be the last one of the summer season??

We’re starting Season 8 of Dexter tonight…can’t wait to see how that starts!

Slept in!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Since I was still not feeling well at all when I went to bed last night, Kimm said, “why don’t you just sleep in?”

And so I took her up on her offer.

I haven’t really slept in at all for such a long time…mostly because I just feel like it is a waste of time.  But not feeling good just changed my perspective on that.  All I want to do is sleep!  I guess my body is telling me something.

So when Kimm crept out of bed at 7:30 am, I just turned myself over, and let myself continue to sleep.

And sleep I did…until 10 am!!! (so that was around 10-11 hours of sleep…GLORIOUS!!!)

I got up, ate my breakfast, and read.

And then, not long from then, it was lunch time 🙂

We had hot dogs and potato chips (and I had baked beans).  It was good.

After lunch we headed up to the mall….Kimm wanted to go to Claire’s to try to get some new earrings for her earring that lost one of the connecting balls.  Thankfully she was able to find something she liked…they don’t have a large selection of stuff she likes.

Then we headed over to Barnes and Noble!  Reading and frappacinos 🙂

By the time we left it was 5:30 so I suggested pizza out and Kimm readily agreed!

Pizza and fries and Chopped…it was nice.

The weather was great…almost like a perfect fall day so we sat on the porch after eating and just enjoyed the cooler temps.

My plan is to sleep in again tomorrow…hopefully this will push my cold away.

Feeling a little under the weather…

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I made it through my last night on…but it was a tough one.  I was on with my co-supervisor which should have made it easier but I was just not feeling so good…that sore throat was still there and I was WICKED tired.  The only thing getting me through the night was knowing that I didn’t have to come back the next night.

There was a retirement tea for a CNA who was retiring…she actually used to be an LPN at the hospital working on the med-surg unit I was hired on.  When the hospital got rid of all LPNs she stayed on as a CNA.  What a loss for the hospital.  And now she is finally able to retire…good for her!

I was so glad to get home and hop into bed.  I did manage to get up and go to the gym but it was a tough one.  I went by myself because Kimm’s back was still sore and believe me…I had to push myself through the entire workout.

I was so glad to be done and get back home.

The rest of the night was for one thing only…relaxation 🙂

I’m SO glad I have off for the next two nights.



Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It’s been thundering and raining since I got out of the gym.

No walk tonight…it’s been a while since there has been no walk.

Last night at work was not that great for me…a bunch of the staff on one floor was very frustrated with the amount of admissions in a short amount of time and they just all vented to me, one right after another.  I was trying to help so much but I’m only one person.  So it made me feel bad.  I just took it way too personally.  Even though I know that part of the issue was minimal staffing on that unit (mostly by the unit manager).  I just feel so helpless sometimes when I can’t help more or make people feel better.  BUT…on the other hand…the busyness resolved in about an hour and the unit was much better.  Sometimes I think the staff just wants perfection…they want everything to go according to a schedule and that’s JUST NOT HOW IT WORKS IN A HOSPITAL!

Anyway, the night ended finally and I was so glad.  I was also starting to notice that I had a slight sore throat towards the beginning of the morning.  I’ve got to load up on the Vit C — no end of summer cold for me!!

I had no motivation for the gym today but I went.

I had no motivation for doing my French either, but I did it.

Now I’m ready for a nice hot shower!

Only one more night on…I think I should be on with the other supervisor…we shall see.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Well, I made it through my first night on…and it was not that bad at all!

But I was glad to get home…just tired after the first night.  Kimm’s back was still not feeling 100% (last night she was experiencing some lower back pain, she was thinking from her herniated disc area…it was pretty scary…she could barely move and it was painful…) but she did say that the Flexeril helped a bit.  Her plan for the rest of the day was to take more Flexeril and have a lazy couch day.

When I got up from sleeping she was on the couch so I was happy to see that she was able to just relax today.  And thankfully her back is feeling a bit better.

But she still took a break from the gym.  So it was SOLO for me.  Sure felt strange!  I’m proud of myself for going considering that my knee was a bit sore (I think I irritated it this morning when I carried the water from the dehumidifier up the stairs to empty…that first step is high and somehow I frequently manage to strain that knee if I’m not careful with how I step up).  It felt better after getting up from my sleep, but not 100%.  But I STILL went to the gym…go me!  Got the treadmill and leg workout done and then when I got home I took Izzy for a walk…which also helped move that knee a bit more and keep it flexible.

Dinner was good…Tortellini Spinach Salad with fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from the garden…yum!

Now we’re about to watch a Dexter and then time for a little nap for me before work!

End of the weekend.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

WHY do days off go by so fast???

If anyone can answer that question…

Anyway…we slept in today because of being up so late yesterday.

Waffles for breakfast since there wasn’t much left besides that…it was grocery shopping day.

I hit Price Rite and then Kimm and I went to Stop and Shop together.  Now we are all stocked up for a while.

It’s been looking like it might storm all day…but nothing yet.

We started Season 7 of Dexter…only two more seasons left.  The one we watched at lunch time was GOOD.  Can’t wait to watch some more.

So now I’m on for three.  I’m HOPING that they all go by with minimal issues…fingers crossed!



Saturday, August 22, 2015

Today we stepped out of our comfort zone a bit and did not one, but TWO, outings.

The first place we went was to a local Tomato Festival in Granby.

Overall, I would say we were disappointed with this outing.

The good — the drive was nice!  We also picked up a nice original piece of artwork…a painting of a barn on a piece of reclaimed barn wood…we’ll probably put it in the living room.

The bad — VERY disorganized (mostly in regards to the tomato tasting…the BIG draw for us for this event) — we couldn’t tell WHERE the tasting was, but then we saw this VERY LONG, VERY SLOW-MOVING line…yep, that was the line for the tasting barn…they basically had this big barn set up with tables, where they had cut up tomatoes to taste…they only let so many people in at a time so it wasn’t so crowded…but it just went SO SLOW.  We were going to stand in line, but it was incredibly hot out…I mean Kimm was DRIPPING in like five minutes and I could feel my slight burn from the beach on my back burning intensely.  It was also pretty crowded as it was just a farm that this event was held at…neither of us care for crowds too much.  The parking was not done well…not really enough for the people there.  The FOOD prices were INSANE…some of the stuff was more expensive that the Big E!  Sandwiches for $10, a small pizza for $10, an ice cream for $5!!  We did buy one food item…some fries that were really cut potatoes grilled up with onions…they would have been really good too…IF they had been cooked through!  The majority of them were still hard.  So frustrating.

We left after about 45 minutes.  We both felt a little bummed because we had high expectations.

The second outing of the day was a drag show that was held at Headquarters, a local bar in Agawam.  We wanted to check it out because it was being hosted by one of the drag queens that we enjoy watching at Drag Brunch.

This was the FIRST drag show at this bar…

It was pretty good.  A little rocky at first because I think everyone was a bit nervous.  And it turned out that the music skipped a lot for the performers (from them dancing on the floor??)  I could tell that was pretty frustrating for them.

The drink prices were reasonable too…we got four drinks total and spent $14 (that is with $2 tip total).

I’m sure we will be going to the next one.

But I’ll tell you, it was REALLY strange to be out so late…made me feel so old 🙂

Funny story…just as we got home, Kimm said, “our car mileage is at 9999.”  Sure enough, it was.  So I had the brilliant idea of driving once around the block to get it at 10,000 miles so we could get a picture!  Hopefully all our neighbors were in bed, or else they would have seen us driving slowly around the block at 1 am!  But we got our picture!!

So we’ve had the car a little over a year and we’re at 10,000 miles.  Not too bad!