It’s like I never left…

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Well…I made it through my first night of work back!

Thankfully it was only ONE night on…a nice, slow, easy transition.

And what made it even better was that the census was WAY down (I think 45 when I started, and 50 by the time the night was over).  IMC had only 6 patients to start with (I’ve NEVER seen IMC that low…it was like a ghost town!)

There were only a few moments of stress (mostly staff related) but I got through it.

But boy was I glad to be driving home in the morning 🙂

We kept things simple with dinner — grilled out (veggie burgers) and salads on the side (it felt SO GOOD to eat the VEGGIES!!!).

Then we topped the night off with a relaxing ride, checking out the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ahh…I do love summertime rides 🙂

Bed is going to feel AWFUL nice…after an episode of Dexter and a snack (obviously!)


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