1st Bi-weekly Paycheck

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Today I got my first bi-weekly paycheck.  Unfortunately the amount didn’t seem as large as it should be…but then of course I remembered that it included 36 hours of vacation time with no differential.  I’ll have to see how the next one is…that one SHOULD be much better because there will be overtime for sure.

It was a busy night at work.  Nothing catastrophic, just lots of little things that kept me busy — no break until 6 am and I was starving at that point.  I practically inhaled my carrots and hummus!

When I got home I helped Kimm get the lawnmower over to her parent’s house.  Parts of their lawn don’t look so great — grass is dying because of lack of rain.  I had my little nap while she mowed.  I felt a little guilty about not doing some weeding, but I was just too exhausted and I knew I had to work one more night.  But I did notice that a lot of the weeds that I had pulled from earlier times had already come back…they are so PERVASIVE!!!

Home for my second “nap” — I slept in for an extra hour (no gym).

We grilled out for dinner…it was a perfect night for it…a little breeze 🙂 We had our burgers with everything (SO GOOD…I’m telling you adding that red onion makes ALL the difference!)

We took a walk with Izzy after dinner…she loved it as usual!

Now I’m catching up on my journal (seriously how do I get SO FAR BEHIND!!??) before my shower.

We’ll be finishing season 3 of Dexter tonight…I can’t wait to find out how this season ends!

Only one more night on…


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