Another scorcher.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Made it through another hot one.

Funny thing is…the animals never seem that bothered by the heat…in fact, Madeline is upstairs in the sink (yes, cooler because in the sink, but still, upstairs where there is NO AC!…and Izzy is also upstairs…sitting in her chair…again, no AC…I think Charlie is up there too…crazy animals!)

I FINALLY got that tub cleaned today…I’ve been putting that off FOREVER.  And of course I choose such a hot day to do it 🙂  But I put my music playing and about 1/2 hour later, it’s done.  I was soaking wet with sweat.

We also finally made it back to the gym today.  We had taken a kind of extended vacation from it!  Felt good to be back.  Good cardio workout on the treadmill and then a great leg workout…legs felt like jelly afterwards…always a good sign.

I was all set to have a good conversation with my parents, catching up…but the two times I called my mom was about to run out the door.  What are the odds 🙂  But I did get to chat with my dad a bit and am glad that the new driveway is making progress.

As for tonight, I was hoping to take a holiday day at work since my holiday time is maxed out.  However, I’ve texted my co-worker several times with no response!  So not sure what to do.  There is still a little time to hear back from her and to make a decision.

Now I’m back to my book…reading the new Judy Blume book, In the Unlikely Event…at first I wasn’t sure I liked it (SO many characters to keep straight!…but now I think I’m really starting to like it).


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