I finally made it to the beach!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I took my holiday day last night and boy did it feel nice to have another day off.

And I used it in a good way…I went to the beach.

Of course, the beach I go to is more like a little inlet…but it’s beautiful.  It’s a nice drive up past Northampton and the area is not crowded at all…it’s like a little gem, hidden away.  The water is still and surrounded by trees all around and there is a breeze when you lay on the beach.  The sun was out in full force, except when it hid behind the clouds.  I was there for three hours and had a nice routine…15 minutes on the beach chair, reading my beach book, Summer Girls by Judy Blume, then 15 minutes lying on my stomach listening to music on my phone, then a dip in the water…repeat!

I got some nice color on my legs and arms.  I didn’t put any sunscreen on my arms at all until after an hour…none on my legs at all…not too much of a burn anywhere…it will all be tan in a day or two!

The only downside was that I missed Kimm…I told her next time maybe she’ll come…there are several shaded areas where she can stay and read her book…we could take a little picnic lunch and just enjoy the day together…maybe there will be one more day this summer to escape.

Now tonight I’m on for work…hopefully it will be a nice night, fingers crossed 🙂


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