Saturday, August 22, 2015

Today we stepped out of our comfort zone a bit and did not one, but TWO, outings.

The first place we went was to a local Tomato Festival in Granby.

Overall, I would say we were disappointed with this outing.

The good — the drive was nice!  We also picked up a nice original piece of artwork…a painting of a barn on a piece of reclaimed barn wood…we’ll probably put it in the living room.

The bad — VERY disorganized (mostly in regards to the tomato tasting…the BIG draw for us for this event) — we couldn’t tell WHERE the tasting was, but then we saw this VERY LONG, VERY SLOW-MOVING line…yep, that was the line for the tasting barn…they basically had this big barn set up with tables, where they had cut up tomatoes to taste…they only let so many people in at a time so it wasn’t so crowded…but it just went SO SLOW.  We were going to stand in line, but it was incredibly hot out…I mean Kimm was DRIPPING in like five minutes and I could feel my slight burn from the beach on my back burning intensely.  It was also pretty crowded as it was just a farm that this event was held at…neither of us care for crowds too much.  The parking was not done well…not really enough for the people there.  The FOOD prices were INSANE…some of the stuff was more expensive that the Big E!  Sandwiches for $10, a small pizza for $10, an ice cream for $5!!  We did buy one food item…some fries that were really cut potatoes grilled up with onions…they would have been really good too…IF they had been cooked through!  The majority of them were still hard.  So frustrating.

We left after about 45 minutes.  We both felt a little bummed because we had high expectations.

The second outing of the day was a drag show that was held at Headquarters, a local bar in Agawam.  We wanted to check it out because it was being hosted by one of the drag queens that we enjoy watching at Drag Brunch.

This was the FIRST drag show at this bar…

It was pretty good.  A little rocky at first because I think everyone was a bit nervous.  And it turned out that the music skipped a lot for the performers (from them dancing on the floor??)  I could tell that was pretty frustrating for them.

The drink prices were reasonable too…we got four drinks total and spent $14 (that is with $2 tip total).

I’m sure we will be going to the next one.

But I’ll tell you, it was REALLY strange to be out so late…made me feel so old 🙂

Funny story…just as we got home, Kimm said, “our car mileage is at 9999.”  Sure enough, it was.  So I had the brilliant idea of driving once around the block to get it at 10,000 miles so we could get a picture!  Hopefully all our neighbors were in bed, or else they would have seen us driving slowly around the block at 1 am!  But we got our picture!!

So we’ve had the car a little over a year and we’re at 10,000 miles.  Not too bad!


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