A VERY warm Drag Brunch

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another drag brunch under our belts.

It was a good one, but MAN was it warm.  First of all, it was a warm and humid day.  Second of all, no AC on that second level.  Third, we were sitting in an area that was not really under any of the fans.

Thankfully I felt okay during most of the show since I tend to be colder than most people, but almost everyone else was sweating bullets!!

It was a good show!

The food was pretty good too (mac and cheese, blueberry muffin, brown sugar pastry, chocolate chip cookie…ALL THOSE CARBS!)

After it was over I was SO tired (of course I had worked 11 hours the night before) so I took a nap immediately.

I woke up for dinner (pizza out because I was so lazy!) and then proceeded to take another nap after we ate.

I was SO TIRED I couldn’t even make it through a Dexter…we headed up to bed early!  Now that is saying something…I love watching Dexter and usually wake right up for that!


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